Mystery Fever 4-Yr-old

Updated on February 14, 2012
M.L. asks from Irvine, CA
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HI - my four year old has a mild fever - about 99.5 and has been running it for three full days now. No other symptom. No rash, irritability, tiredness, snot, cough, sore throat, or diarhea, and she's eating/drinking/sleeping fine. I am assuming a it's a random virus and will pass soon but wondering if there are any signs I should be looking for to make sure there is nothing else going on? I'm also getting to that point where I'm wondering if its worth a doctor's visit to make sure I'm not missing anything. What do you say Moms? Mystery virus or possibly worthy of urgent care visit? Thanks in advance!

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So What Happened?

I took the temp with an ear thermometer, no redness in throat or any runny nose and no UTI symptoms yet. I guess we are going to sit tight and watch for any changes.

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My son is 9 now but he would get these mystery viruses periodically. Exactly the same symptoms. Just watch the fever and give lots of fluids. No need to see the doctor unless fever spikes high.

Hope this helps!

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My doctor does not consider it a fever unless it is above 100. If your four year old is not feeling sick I would not worry about it. If she is feeling sick then I would call the doctor.



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Is it a girl? I know that happened with my daughter when she got a bladder infection. It was also accompanied by "accidents" though.


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Any chance ear infections are common for this child?

A low grade fever indicates a virus, yes, but it should run its course within just a few days. I'd say if you see no changes by tomorrow morning, make an appointment. Get her checked out.


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99.5, with no other symptoms? Not sick. What made you check the kids temp? If she is telling you she doesnt feel well or has some other symptoms then I would call the doctor but I would not drag my kid into an urgent care exposing him/her to seriously sick people unless it was "urgent" -- ie, bleeding, fever, vomiting etc.; My SIL is a doctor in Oklahoma, and she said that usually a doctor wont prescribe medicine (other than maybe tylenol/advil) until a child is over 101.

Good luck to you - and try not to worry about things too much, unless they deserve your attention.


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My DD (also 4) had a mystery fever for 3 days before she started coughing bad. Turned out to be bronchitis. She had the fever for a week and after prednisone and antibiotics, she's finally all better.



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I don't consider 99.5 a fever. Also, taking the temp in the am is the most accurate. Children's temps always go up in the afternoon, even when normal.

A fever is caused by some virus or bacteria, then the body increases its temp to burn it if you let it run its course, within reason, then the body will fight it off. Bringing it down, will bring the fever down into the perfect range for it to turn your child into a perfect petri dish and allow it to grow out of control.

We've let our kids' fevers get to 105.6, but they burn it off and are well within hours to days. One of our kids had a fever of 104.3 for 40 hours and when it broke, he had 4 teeth.

I'm not saying you are afraid, but many people are. You seem very calm. I'm just not sure when people got so afraid of fevers, when they are the body's signal that they are working to get rid of something foreign. If you look at the stats regarding febrile seizures, your chances of being hit by lightening are greater.

When are kids have some small symptoms just starting, we pump up their supplements, get them adjusted by our chiropractor, make sure they get enough rest, lots of water and absolutely no sugar or dairy. They've gone almost 3 years without so much as a runny nose.



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Every time my daughter has a fever & no other symptoms it's an ear infection



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I would just ride it out especially if there are no other symptoms. I think most doctors don't really consider it a fever unless its over 100.4. I would go with a little bug or virus! Good luck.


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depending on how you are getting the reading 99.5 is not a fever. It MAY be one if you are taking it via armpit - but oral or rectal not a fever. I would change up your method if it's armpit and go from there.



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You could always call your doctor's office and speak with a nurse. 99.5 is low grade fever. Have you looked at her throat? If it is red at all in the back and if her breath is bad....I would take her in just to get a strep culture. My son had a low grade fever 100 and a clear runny turned out to be strep. Good Luck

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