My Work Hasn't Paid Me...Direct Deposit even...Public Partnerships...

Updated on August 09, 2011
K.K. asks from Fredericksburg, VA
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Hi Ladies,

I work for the program Public Partnerships and I haven't been paid yet. The money was suppose to be in my account by Friday morning. I had to call 3xs this week just to make sure my time sheet was faxed (faxed by employer not me). Apparently, the family I work for did not fax it till past the deadline which I didn't even know. I called the program on Monday to see about the time sheet. They said they didn't receive it till today(this was Monday) when it was suppose to be in by the Friday before. The lady on the phone from Public Partnership said she would make sure my pay went through so I could be paid by this Friday (2/11). I didn't have anything in my bank account this money, no money from this job. I had also called later in the week on Wednesday to verify the payment was in process. I haven't gotten my direct deposit and I called this afternoon as well and they said it would be in my account before 5pm on Friday (2/11). Its still not in my account. BUT, the purchase I made at Target tonight at 9pm was in my account. My account will be overdrawn due to this situation on Monday by over $500. I have bills to pay and bills that come right out of my account on Monday. What can I do about this? I've not have anything but problems with this program for years. The family I even work for has me walking outside with their son when its 20 degrees outside for an hour and a half. I'm sorry but that's not healthy for anyone. I've tried to tell her its too cold but she insists that I take him outside. I have also been sexually harassed by some guy in her neighbor while going outside in the dark at night all because she thinks he needs a walk and I'm sorry but the kid hates going on walks LOL. Is there a place where I can report not being paid and this sexual harassment?

Thank you ladies!

just wanted to clarify things; I was at work at my other job from 3-9pm. I do not have access to a computer at this job to check my bank account. I assumed the money was already in the bank account seeing how 3 people from the program told me it was already in process. I went to Target after work at 9pm and only spent $4 and change that's it not some huge amount. The lady says he needs to go outside for an hour or more everyday 2x a day even if its past 7pm. The child is autistic and throws a lot of fights on the walks. I tell her all of these things how he hits me constantly because he doesn't like the cold or just doesn't want to be outside. I think kids should be able to go outside, but when the roads are all iced up and cold, its not safe. I have a long coat that goes down to my shoes and I wear that and layer on about 3 sweaters, along with gloves and a I do dress for the weather. I have been fine money wise, but I'm sick of being taken advantage of.

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answers from Kansas City on

If you haven't had anything but problems with this program for years, I don't understand why you are still there. You need to find a new job.

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answers from Las Vegas on

The sexual harassment took place by some guy who is a neighbor, not employed by public partners? I don't believe they re responsible for someone who is not employed by them. You may be able to make a change to the time of the walks, but I doubt you have a case. Are you able to walk on another street where the man doesn't reside, so you don't perpetuate things.

Did the company give you some sort of protocal for turning in pay on time and what to do with your situation? Is there a handbook you can look this type issue up? Continue to call the company and climb the latter until you receive your pay. I can tellnyou if we miss or misplace someones pay, the procedure is, a stop pay must be placed on the check which takes 24 hours and then they have to wait for the off cycle pay day which is the following Thursday. It is so unfair, but, for those who continue to call, they always make an exception.

Knowing your pay situation, you should probably place an overdraft protection on your checking account. In fact, contact your bank during their next business hours and see if you can get that in place. Are they open on Saturdays?

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answers from Boston on

Sorry but it's your own fault for not making sure the money was in your account before purchasing at target! I have lived my entire life in new england and I'm sorry 20 degrees is not too cold especially if you dress right and our active outdoors too cold is anything below 0 with or without windchill so I see nothing wrong with you taking him outside. Do you have to go by the obscene man? Can you walk down the road the other way? If the man wanted to harm you he would have already done so some men are just dirty pigs. My kids sleep much better if they play outside in the evening.
Call up whatever companies are going to take $ out of your account on Monday and tell them there is a problem with your direct deposit and that your money isn't in there yet so you want to cancel the automatic withdrawals.

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answers from Honolulu on

Get an Attorney.
In most cities, there are "Legal Aide Societies", that will help people who don't have money or will offer their services Pro Bono.

Or call the ACLU.
They have a website, and info about 'discrimination' etc.
Each city, has a ACLU office. They handle discrimination.

This is a link & resources for "Discrimination in the workplace in VA":

You can also call the Better Business Bureau, and log a complaint about them.

Log all of these issues.
Get an Attorney.

Documentation/notes of everything, is very important.
Dates/times/incidents/what they said/what happened or not etc.
Keep it in a journal.

Good luck.

Do not put yourself in harms way and with their child... and that man harassing you. That is totally unsafe, not to mention the weather.
DOCUMENT that she forces you to do it.... or threatens you with losing your job etc.
Or, call the Cops, about that guy that is harassing you. I am sure, you have a cell phone ON you, at all times, and when you are outside with this child????

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answers from Modesto on

I read your other posts and you sound like you are really having a time managing your money. This might be a good time for you to make a change for the better if you have the opportunity. Do NOT call your bank, go directly to the bank president and let her know what's going on, they can be pretty helpful but if you call on the phone or do an inquiry online and get an automated rectification you will lose ALL that overdraft money.
I would talk to the better business bureau about your employers repeated inability to pay you on schedule. You have no one to blame but your self tho when you spend money that you dont have yet. If you dont like walking the baby in the cold you need to quit that job. It sounds like you are trying to find someone to blame and make them pay your for all your problems, unfortunately I dont think your story will end that easily.
There must be a customer service number that you can contact at Public Partnerships, write down everything you want to say and how many times your pay has been messed up, call them and calmly ask them what is going on. If they made an error (routing number or account) they will be the ones that will be liable to pay your overdraft fees. Good Luck!!

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answers from New York on

I know nothing about Public Partnerships. I checked out their website, and I don't understand at all how it works.

Who is your employer? You state that the family is your employer. However, it's confusing, because if the family is your employer than it's their responsibilty to make sure your paid and you should be dealing with them. OR Is Public Partnerships your employer? Or our you considered a subcontractor? Without the correct information, we cannot give you the correct advice.

How long have you worked there? When is the timesheet due? When is pay day?

Companies do not issue payroll checks everyday. It's usually once a week, so if your timesheet was not turned in on time, you would have to wait until the next payroll period. In addition, since this is your first payment from them, it's possible that an error could have been made (by you or others) when giving them your banking information, therefore, the direct deposit did not go through as planned. Public Partnerships will not know about this until the next business banking day (Monday) that it didn't go through. Also confused because you say you've had problems for years.

FYI... In most cases, direct deposits are set up in advance and take place early in the morning. Depending on your bank, in most cases you would be able to see the direct deposit in your account Friday early morning, even if the funds weren't yet available.

What can you do about the money scheduled to go out of your account on Monday? Simple, cancel the payments. IMO you should have never set up the payments until the money was in your account.

Who can you report this to? IF you've done everything according to your employment agreement and have not been paid, then you can file a complaint with the Dept. of Labor.

The sexual harassment - why haven't you called the police?

It sounds like you need to find a new place of employement.

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answers from Boston on

really it is your family's fault that you wrent paid on time. i am on the other side of the situation i have an aid come in to help me with my daughter and once i indavertantly did not approve hours til after the deadline, since i acknowleged it was my error i made sure to cover for my employee until the money went into her account, and honestly this is what your family should have done since it was thier error... it really sounds like you should look into finding a new job, this family is not a good fit for you... true as the parents of the child they have every right to dictate a daily walk and as the employee you either comply or quit... i dont mean to be harsh nor do i intend to side with the parents on whether or not the walks are in the best interest of the child BUT they ARE your direct employers so you really need to do as you are asked or as i said find a new positition.

as for the guy in the neighborhood, you should be contacting the local police over him... you should not have to put up with anything while out in the nieghborhood


answers from Washington DC on

You have never been paid? I don't think I would keep going if I were not being paid. And I would not recommend to set up payments on bills if the money is not for sure in there. My husband started a job in October and the direct deposit finally hit in January...we had direct deposits set up for our car payments to come out starting in December. So I had to transfer money between accounts to make sure everything was paid, and then pay it back with his check that came in the mail the following Tuesday. Not fun. Make sure you have the money before you pay anything. But I would find a new job in all honesty. 20 degree IS too cold for kids to be outside, I grew up all over the place, and a lot of it in the NE. And 20 degrees is not too cold for a quick walk or a quick playing outside, but it's not healthy all the time.

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