My Two Year Old Won't Use a Fork or Spoon

Updated on December 15, 2007
M.B. asks from National Park, NJ
12 answers

I was wondering if anyone had any advice or tips on this matter. My Two Year old son likes to use his hands to eat everything. He usually tries to use the fork 1 or 2 times and gets frustrated. Nothing seems to work. I'm concerned that he is behind in this area. His motor skills are excellent with everything else. Thanks everyone!

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answers from Philadelphia on

I wouldn't really worry about it. My daughter is almost 3 and still likes to eat with her hands sometimes. I think you just have to keep giving them to him and telling him that it's okay and if he keeps working at it he'll get it. My daughter can use all the utensils but chooses when she wants to use them. You could also try getting those character utensils. My little girl loved her Dora fork and spoon set. She still likes to use them.

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answers from Scranton on

My son will be 3 in 2 months and he used to do the same thing its just a learning process he just started using the fork on a regular basis this week. It'll be alright.



answers from Pittsburgh on

My little guy was the same until he saw his cousin using her utensils. Suddenly a fork and spoon were cool. Don't worry. He'll come around in no time.



answers from Williamsport on

I also have a almost 3 year old that uses her hands when eating. She just got to where, food is only on her hands and not her clothes. She has been using her silverwear more, so dont fret about it. They will get the hang of it before school time, lol.



answers from Harrisburg on

Hi M.,

My son was the same way. One thing that helped him was me buying him a spork. It's a fork that is also a spoon. Also if you buy him one that has his favorite character on, it might encourage him to use it more.

Good luck!!!



answers from York on

They sell that disposable plastic stuff that looks like animals..... My kids love that. It is way more fun to eat when a shark, alligator or a deer is feeding you. Also my son loves Thomas, so I got him Thomas train silver ware with little trains for handels. He will eat just about anything off of those. Just go for what ever you child likes. If he is still eating with his fingers at 16 years old, you won't have to worry about dating. :-) Seriously don't sweat the small stuff. he will come around.



answers from Reading on

My daughter is three and three months and still prefers to eat with her hands so... YOu are one up on me lol... I think if we were to press the issue of using her silverware she would use them more often but hey it is not like she is 5 using her Than I might be more inclined to draw the line but for now i guess it is whatever gets the job done :)



answers from San Antonio on

Something that worked for us was letting our son use the same silverware as mom and dad. We start the meal feeding him and then we show him how to use the fork/spoon and ask him to try. He is 18 months old and will use silverware for about 1/2 his meal. Unless it is pork and beans and then he eats so fast that he uses a spoon and shovels. He really likes Pork and Beans :)

That would be my suggestion, I know the little kids silverware is hard to use sometimes because the forks aren't sharp enough to stab the food and the spoons are very little and sometimes they can't hold the food. If you try using his silverware and it frustrates you I would definatly recomend getting him something easier.

Hope this helps!



answers from York on

My son who just turned 3 years old in September did not want anything to do with utensils until he was almost 2 1/2 years old! We thought we were going to have a little caveman on our hands. We always sat utensils out for him at each meal and one day he just started using them on him own. Good Luck!



answers from Allentown on

Hi M.
My two year old son is doing the same thing, I let him eat his meals with his fingers. Then we practice with a fork or spoon with imaginary food as we pretend to go on picnics and such, that way he doesn't get frustrated. Hopefully this will help.



answers from Sharon on

Did you have little kids silverware for him???
My son doesn't use them all the time,he has them but doesn't always use them...he'll hold them in his one hand and eat with his other hand,
i wouldn't worry aboout it...sounds like a normal kid thing



answers from Philadelphia on

I think it must be the age. My daughter knows the concept for using the spoon & fork, and can actually do it pretty well when she tries, but she prefers to use her fingers whenever she can. Just keep giving him the utensils, and a little encouragement when he gets it to work. But I wouldn't worry too much, as with everything, he will master it in his own time.

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