*****My Two Doggies Ran Away Last Night****

Updated on August 14, 2008
T.H. asks from Gilbert, AZ
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Hi ladies. I live in Settlers Point here in Gilbert. The subdivision is located off of Gilbert&Warner Rd. My two dogs Mutley and Rocky got loose and ran away yesterday after the a/c guy left our back gate open. Mutley is a small Chihuaha Mix, he is golden colored and cute as a bug. He ran away with our big dog Rocky. Rocky is a black lab/mastiff mix. They are very close to eachother so I am sure they did this together! One other thing that is inportant is that they are still young and in tact.If anyone has seeen or heard of them can you please contact me ASAP. I pray they are safe where ever they may be at. Pleae bring my dog's home to us safe and sound... Thank You for reading this. T. H

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So What Happened?

Well thanks to one of Mamasource's memeber advice and support of many memebers, my dogs are home safe. I would have never thought of going out the the west side shelter if it weren't for the advice of one particular member. Everyone was so helpful to my request. Thank you all for your support and love. Thanks Again, T. H

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I'm sure you've already done this, but be sure to call animal control. Someone may have seen them running around and called them. Sometimes you have to go in person because the websites aren't updated as quickly as they should be. Also, are your dogs wearing tags? Or are they chipped? I live on Gilbert and Elliott, and I'll definitely keep an eye out. The lady before me suggested keeping an eye out on craigslist, and she is so right, I see lost dogs posted there daily. Good luck, I'll say a prayer that they return safely!



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Sorry about your dogs T.. Do yourself a favor and go to every Shelter in town. I work for Maddie's Adoption Project and you wouldn't believe how many dogs from the east side can end up in west side shelters. Also get online at Petfinders.com and check all the Valley Shelters.

I wish you and your beloved pets a speedy reunion.



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Sorry to hear that your dogs got out. As an animal lover, I know how scary it can be. I think the best thing you can do, as others have said, is call all the local shelters. Also, having your children make signs for the neighborhood would be a good idea and a great way for them to feel like they are helping. I hope they return to you safely. Good luck!



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Not knowing where your pets are can be very frustrating, and exhausting. You didn't mention if they have collars/tags on or if they are microchipped. Having a collar on a pet is a great "identifying" mark.

My suggestions for losing a pet are:
1. Make signs, a lot of them. Put $$$Reward Offered$$$ on sign. Put a recent pic of both dogs. Office Max or Staples can make 100/200 signs in no time at all and really, it is nice because searching for your pet can be a full time job !

2. Distribute everywhere ! Talk to everyone you see that is out about them.

3. Put food and water out in front of your door, just in case they "smell" it and come home. If you get ants, put the food in a pie plate and fill pie plate with cold water. Ants won't cross the water.

4. Visit the animal control daily as part of your routine.

5. Call local vets to alert them that your pet is lost, should anyone bring them in to be scanned. Post a bulletin at vet or they will keep a "card" on the counter about your pet.

6. Visit grocery stores/pet stores and place your "lost pet" poster on bulletin boards.

7. Call Pets 911 and Missing Mutts, and the local HSUS to ask them to put your pet in their database. Ask them what other organizations to call to place your pet in their database. Once your find your pets, don't forget to call to remove from database.

8. It sounds gross, but when my cat was missing, every morning - like 5am, I would call dead animal pick-up to see if they picked one up fitting pet's description. (They didn't pick up my pet.)

9. Place "Lost Pet" ad in your local papers, like the Tribune and the AZ Republic. You could place one on CraigsList too and any other place you can think of that can get the word out. The more people that hear about your missing pet, it increases your chances.

Good luck and don't forget to remove all posters, flyers, ads, when you find your pet. I did end up finding my cat. It took 8 nights ! I hope your find your pets !

When you get them back, please have them neutered. It will help to curb their "roaming" desires as it is "pure torture" for them as they can smell a female in heat up to a mile. It also decreases their risk for certain cancers and of course, helps stop the cycle of pet overpopulation.



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I dont live near you but please look on craigslist under pets, maybe someone will list them on there. I will keep my eye out on that website for you. Good Luck to you, I am sure they will be home safe and sound before you know it.

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