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Updated on September 23, 2011
L.P. asks from Marysville, WA
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So I hit my middle toe on Sep 15 and it herd like hell and now I my toe looks big and I did not go to the doc do u thing I did it wrong

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So What Happened?

Ok so I did everything right bud I can not bend this toe as much as my same to on my other foot and when my son steps on it for me to make it better I swear that is what he things because he has done it alot after u herd it he things that helps me lol thank you all for your help I like this sight :)

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answers from Washington DC on

OUCH!!! I bet that hurt!!!

Unfortunately, there is NOTHING a doctor can do for a broken toe other than tape it up. My son, Nicky, was wrestling with his brother and friend on Easter Sunday, we took him to the Urgent Care - they wrapped them up (it was the pinky toe and the next one over) and gave him a orthopedic boot to help it from getting "knocked" around some more!!


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answers from San Diego on

If you broke it there is nothing they are going to do but tell you to tape it to the toe next to it. If it causes enough pain when yhou walk they can get you crutches but that's really it.
I broke my big toe once, the top bone broke into 2 pieces. I was completely unable to walk on it so I needed crutches but they didn't do anything to it but tape it to the other one.
It is rare that you break it in a way that needs corrective surgery etc. Keep it elevated when you can, ice it when you can and stay off of it when you can if about it.

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answers from Portland on

You may have broken it. I slammed my foot in a car door and had a hairline fracture of my little toe. Because I was at work I went to the doctor who told me that there was nothing to do for it but to tape it to the next toe and stay off of my feet as much as possible. I had an x-ray because it was work related but otherwise the doctor said he'd do the same thing without an x-ray. Injuries to our toes take a long time healing whether they're a fracture or a sprain.

If you stubbed your toe, I'm guessing you've sprained it. It's OK that you didn't go to the doctor. If you haven't iced it that might help with the swelling and pain. And keep your foot elevated as much as possible. I had to cut a hole in my oldest tennie runners which helped reduce the pain.

I fell and sprained or possibly broke my little finger. Again, nothing to do for it. Thankfully it healed much faster than my toe did. I didn't go to the doctor.

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answers from Pittsfield on

Might be good to have it looked at- hope it feels better soon :)

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