My Three Year Old Likes to Sit in Poopy Pullups

Updated on June 06, 2008
A.S. asks from Providence, RI
4 answers

my three year daughter goes pee on the potty sometimes, and she actually does a pretty good job she wipes, flushes and washes her hands. but shell poop in her pants and ill ask her "did you go poopy in your pants", shell tell me "no", and my four year old (soon to be) daughter "forgets" to wipe her butt after she goes poop and gets poop stains on all of her underwear...HELP!!!

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Some of it may just be fascination with the process. But I did find that my kids had a hard time at this age wiping. I bought the moist wipes that are flushable for both my kids at this time and they did a much better job. Handling toilet paper with poop can be a tough task for little guys at this age. They can't actually see what they are doing either which doesn't help.
The moist wipes really helped alot.



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She is still too young to wipe herself and be expected to get "clean". Applaud the effort!



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Hi- when I started potty training my son he would have poopy accidents too. I think they try to hide it because they are embarresed that they pooped their pants. I found it helped to keep in underwear instead of the pull up, because the pull up is like a diaper so pooping in it isnt such a "mess". Once I put my son in underwear, he only had 1 poopy accident and decided it would be much easier to poop in the potty. Also, I still have to help my 5 year old wipe to make sure hes clean, as long as he gets the hang of it(wiping) before Kindergarten , I dont worry about it.



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Hi A.,
Just wanted to assure you that this is all normal, and you just need to keep consistently reminding and demonstrating to both the girls. I have five boys and two girls, and let me just say, be grateful you have girls. My boys took even longer to get past this point. But they all do eventually. You've got your hands full, but don't worry -- this too shall pass.

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