My Teen Daughter Is Always Falling Sick. She Has Infection Induced Asthma.

Updated on May 29, 2018
H.K. asks from Sugar Land, TX
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She has been asthmatic since she was born. As she got older it got worse. We lived in various countries and she got pneumonia twice in past 6 years. Since In Texas she started this nasal congestion about year and half ago and it seems to have got worse this year. She had 3-4 cycles of oral steroids already this year. What triggers her asthma is any infection even a virus. Last month she had a sinus infection that was hidden to the naked eye even the specialist could not detect plus her symptoms did not include headache or pain in sinus region, additionally she had 2 antibiotics and no effect. Wheeze continued since infection was not treated. Finally they did an X-Ray to rule out pneumonia and CAT scan revealed a sinus infection in right pocket and behind the eye. She was on clyndomycin for 15 days which cleared that. Nasal endoscopy was done to see any issues - there were none. Another CAT scan was done to see if it cleared and it did. Extensive blood works reconfirmed no respiratory allergies. This was confirmed last year with 64 skin tests for allergens and she has none. Blood tests showed a) low amtibodies to pneumonical bacteria so she got a booster shot pneumovax. b) IGE levels high so she qualifies for Xolair injections to prevent asthma flare ups when she is sick (doc asked us to read about it) c) ENT doctor prescribed a steroidal vial usually uses in nebulizer to be used for her daily sinus rinse. Plus she is on symbicort daily for asthma control. What it’s doimg I don’t know. We have not found a cortisteroid inhaler that is able to manage her asthma yet in this country. While she was in Japan and Australia Seretide or Adovair was used. She eats multi vitamin gummies since the beginning of thus year. She eats vitamin c when she is unwell but nothing helps. She gargles every morning, nasal rinse and does breathing yoga exercises every day to strengthen her lungs.
What’s bothering is we are doing everything but this sinus congestion is not going away. She is a vegetarian, stopped milk and cheese since couple months no difference though, her immunity is so low. Also give her the probiotic capsule from Whole Foods once in a while. She had bad congestion and mild throat pain again. She is a freshman and her final exams have started. She missed so much school this semester we got a warning letter too. That’s not the point though. Anyone faced so many issues together? We are doing so much but domt know what to do. Any advise will be appreciated. Am so stressed out it’s incredible

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answers from Dallas on

I'm sorry she's going through a tough time.

I'm glad you are seeing Dr's and trying to get this under control.

I am no Dr but does she take a daily allergy pill.. ex Zyrtec, Claritin? I ask because my daughter, never with issues like yours, would have a sinus infection like clockwork in the spring and fall that would knock her on her rear it was so bad.

Testing showed sinus infections and nothing underlying. She started Zyrtec 24 hour daily about 6 years ago and has had a rare pop up of sinus infection until late 2015. Her Dr also recommended switching up by using Zyrtec then Claritin alternately when we needed to start a new bottle so the med is still effective.

Stress also causes illness. Daughter has been sicker (a lot, including heart surgery) since my husband of 26 years, her dad, died suddenly in 2015.

You might also address stress.

Best wishes.

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answers from Abilene on

My husband was diagnosed with exercise induced asthma after moving toTexas from Louisiana.

He had a horrible sinus infection that landed him in the ER after visiting a walk in clinic. We were out of state working and the walk in said his blood pressure was too high and sent us straight to the ER. It was an infection he kept until we got back to his primary care doc and he prescribed a cocktail of 3 meds to take. He was cleared and his doc recommended daily Claritin and he has not had any issues since.

Another concern I have for your daughter, if you’re in Sugarland, is the epic flooding last year in Houston. I am wondering if there’s an airborne mold or other trigger that’s happening. I would consider having your home tested.

I did an installation in Aldine a few weeks ago and had to pick up someone at Hobby. I had a truck there during the hurricane and it took over 3 weeks before I could retrieve it. So I saw firsthand the extensive damage to the area. I had to go in to the baggage claim area and I could still smell the area had flooded. It was repaired and repainted, but I noticed the stench.

I hope you will be able to figure something out soon. Please remember to take care of yourself in the process. You need to know you are doing everything humanly possible to help your daughter. You’re a good mother. Take care of YOU too. ❤️

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answers from Portland on

I am sorry to hear this too.

It's hard when you've been ill to get back on your feet.

Two people in our family have chronic allergies. One didn't have them appear the first time they did tests. I don't know why. So he suffered all kinds of issues (ENT, skin, etc.) for years.

Like TF mentions, he takes a daily allergy medication. It helps keep it at bay. He also did this spray for a while too when it was bad. That might be what you're describing.

This child had an inhaler before the age of ten. No longer needs it with the daily allergy pills.

My husband has allergies and he just suffers chronic congestion and that throat irritation. It's daily. He wakes with it. Sounds like he always has to clear his throat. It is irritating. He always appears to be run down.

I am going to invest in some new air purifiers for our home.

I know she's been tested for allergies - so I'm sure they checked everything. I have heard though of people having the weirdest thing imaginable .. so if she hasn't been on allergy medication (maybe you mentioned that and I just didn't read it, if so, ignore this) to rule it out then maybe try that.

Good luck. It does take a while for things to take effect.

I do have kids with lactose intolerance. That does congestion that smells kind of funny and the throat irritation is post nasal drip kind of and also has smell. For us, that cleared up quickly when stopped.

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answers from San Diego on

I suggest she take a prebiotic daily. Not to be confused with probiotics. Since her gut flora has been distroyed by antibiotics. Prebiotics feed the good bacteria that is left to fight of infections.

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answers from New York on

Please send me an email with your info so that I can help you with some natural ways to balance your daughters immune system. I am a holistic health coach and my passion is helping others become their healthiest self. My email is [email protected] I look forward to hearing from you! L. Swift



answers from Portland on

Salt Lamps work great! My son has allegies but not as bad. I put a Salt Lamp in & he has stop sneezing, so has helped! Google them, it has to be the right weight salt for the size of the room you are putting it in.



answers from Denver on

I’m sorry to hear that your daughter is having these health issues and it is a lot of stress on you, trying to help her and figure out what is best for her. I am a holistic nutritionist and I really think that there is a lot going on that is not being addressed with your daughter. You can always call me for a free 15 Minute phone consult. ###-###-####. Or view my site or email me [email protected] Start thinking this way- asthma is an autoimmune condition. All AI conditions need immune support. Asthma is often not a lung issue but a gut issue. Test for food sensitivities.....that at least should get you headed in the right direction but she needs a holistic health professional who will address root causes, and balance the body, reduce inflammation etc. so whether you call me or seek a holistic professional out..... years ago, My son would get asthma attacks, had to be hospitalized, was on many meds....not until I changed the approach, address his root causes, did he get better. Best of luck!

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