My Son Won't Take Medicine. Help!

Updated on December 18, 2010
E.E. asks from East Setauket, NY
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He used to take it fine. In fact, he used to LOOOOVE the gross liquid vitamin. But the last 3 times I've tried to give him medicine (tylenol for a high fever twice, and now abx for an ear infection) he's been horrible. He gags so hard that he throws it up.

I tried hiding it in yogurt (which he threw up) and pudding. I even tried chooclate milk (which I know you're techinically not supposed to do, but I was desperate). It's like he has some kind of sixth sense about it because it's not like I told him it was there. What kid doesn't eat chooclate pudding when it's put in front of them?!?!

I can't get the medicine in him. Any suggestions?

(I'm going to call the pedi tomorrow to get a prescription for chewables to see if that goes any better).

ETA: Sorry I forgot to mention it. He's 2 1/2. So reason doesn't really work yet. And squirting with the syringe makes him throw it up.

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answers from Norfolk on

My son had pneumonia when he was about a year old. He had to take his medicine whether he liked it or not. I had a pin down method just like Rachel K mentioned and I'd pry his mouth open (get my finger between his gums - this was easier before he had teeth) and squirt the medicine into his cheek a little at a time. He hated it, but as soon as we finished I'd hug and snuggle him and he'd calm down. It was tough, but we got through it.

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answers from Boston on

if its for amoxicillan I don't think they make it in a chewable anymore at least its not available anywhere near me and they couldn't order it either. What about getting it flavored? Chase it with something yummy, mix it into only a teaspoon of ice cream or pudding to make sure he gets the full dose then let him finish the pudding, give a few licks of a pop then the medicine followed by the rest of the pop. You don't mention how old your son is but when all else fails hubby pins down our little guy or I sit with him between my legs and use my legs to pin him, use a dropper and squirt far into his mouth between his cheek and molars.

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answers from New York on

you could try giving it to him in a syringe and aiming it to the back, inside of his cheek.
you could also have your pharmacy flavor it with different syrups.
good luck!



answers from New York on

Imix it with SODA! I let my daughter pick a flavor and she takes it! Good luck!



answers from San Diego on

I put my son's meds in flavored apple sauce. Mango Peach works the best. Good Luck!



answers from San Francisco on

how old is he? last summer my 8YO had to take a rather unpleasant liquid antibiotic for pneumonia and trying to 'hide' it in things like chocolate milk didn't help, but what *did* work was to give her a little bowl of ice cream and let her take a bite of ice cream between squirts of the antibiotic from a syringe



answers from Columbus on

We used tylenol supositories. For the liquid, try getting it flavored at the pharmacy and use a syringe, I also heard that you can have them suck on an ice cube first, and it won't taste so bad.




answers from Seattle on

Shaken up in hot chocolate (lukewarm) worked for us for years... and then one day... it didn't. Aaaargh. Chewables were a nightmare. ODDLY... what worked was "swallowable" pills. Specifically liquid gelcaps whenever possible.



answers from New York on

One time the ONLY thing that tricked my 3.5 yo was to mix the berry flavored medicine into jelly and spread it on his toast! Now that he's older, he's excited to get his medicine because I put it on a large spoon with a little bit of sorbet or ice cream. Good Luck!!!



answers from New York on

Tylenol suppositories.



answers from New York on

My dtr was that way when she was little. My hubby and I together would lay her on the table, squirt the medicine in and then put a marshmellow in her mouth. She couldn't spit out the medicine bc the marshmellow was too big. And what she mostly tasted was the marshmellow. It's like Mary Poppins says "a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down". As she got older we mixed up extra sweet kool aide, would measure her medicine in a small medicine cup then add in the extra sweet kool aide. This way ut was sweet but it was a small amount so we knew she got all of her medicine. Good luck!



answers from Gainesville on

You can have them add different flavors at the pharmacy. It's called Flavor Rx.



answers from New York on

Not sure how old he is, but my 3 yr old was always fine at taking meds. Then recently got sick and had a high fever and too was gagging when taking tylenol. They make supository one's that you can give him rectally. As far as I know tylenol is the only thing that they make that for.
My son was given steroids and antibiotics and would gag with those too. So I had him take a sip of juice through a straw, gave him a little of the meds, then had him take another sip. So the taste or whatever wouldn't bother him. Seems to do the trick. He's still not crazy about taking them, but at least he doesn't throw them back up as a result.
Hope something works and your little man gets well soon.



answers from Kansas City on

I have put medicine in pop before. Somehow the fizzy bubbles hide the gross medicine flavor.

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