My Son's 13Th Birthday Party Suggestions!!

Updated on June 02, 2010
D.T. asks from Sicklerville, NJ
8 answers

Hello, Im having a party for my 13yr old son. I sent the invites thru his fb an alot of his friends from school are coming. I don't want to embarass him by having a corny party, I have a football field for a bckyard so it's just about the right decor, games, and prizes. If you have any suggestions for an outdoor summer party for a boy please help. thank you.:)

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answers from Dallas on

I may get in trouble for this one, but one of my sons best parties was putting multiple tv's in the family room for a video game marathon! No games or prizes. Just pizza, popcorn, cake and ice cream.

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answers from Dallas on

rent a water slide a big one ,water ballons ...i don't think at 13 they need games or prizes

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answers from Philadelphia on can rent or buy some guns and ammo since their 13 and set up a few boxes for shelter, or the water balloon fight, or video game marathon sounds the best



answers from San Angelo on

oh i just had my daughters 18th birthday party and i did it in the Survivors Theme!!! It was really fun!! I bought material for all the kids who came to the party, to make them head bands! We had 2 diff teams and they had fun coming up with the name. I just thought of different games they could do, just like on TV!! But, instead of real bugs, i got candy
Then for the winner of the Survivor game, i went on the internet and made a Winner Certificate and put "Aubrey's #1 Survivor". Aubrey is my daughter....
so much fun!!! Good Luck and God bless



answers from Harrisburg on

What is it your son would like to do? By this age, he should be able to tell you. For my son's 13th...we had an airsoft battle, fireworks, pizza and more food + a sleepover.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Water Balloon-a-Palooza!
Fill up tons of water balloons of two colors, place each color ballon in a HUGE tub(s) on opposite sides of the yard, split them into teams and let them go at it!

You can even set up some "cover" obstacles (logs, soccer nets, Umbrella from patio table, etc) to make it more strategic.



answers from Augusta on

What about an outdoor scavenger hunt?
Or since you have a big back yard , why not flag football? And snacks, pizza, no actual "party" games , but fun outdoor games like football ,volleyball, etc.
Really long slip and slide? no one is too old for a slip and slide.
Water gun fights with colored water



answers from Washington DC on

Have a field day.
- 100y dash,
- relay race
- if they're into football, play football, if they're into soccer, play soccer
- obstacle course with things like a pool of whipped cream, a rope swing over mud. (if you do this, have them wear swim trunks and bring a towel)
- super soaker water tag
- LONG slip and slide

- hot dogs
- popcorn
- cooler of bottled gatorade and water
- basically individually packaged foods that don't require silverware

Prizes - goodie bags
- water bottles
- sports towels
- bandanas
- create team jerseys with the boys last names on the back / #s.
(pick 2 colors - maybe the school colors, or get tees from your son's favorite sports team)
- MVP grand prize could be a pro football or soccer ball or baseball, you get the idea. (Your son should not be in the running for the grand prize)

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