My Son Keeps Putting Things in His Nose.

Updated on June 22, 2008
E.G. asks from Orlando, FL
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My son is 21 months and he continues to put things in his nose. I mean everything from paper to food. Anything that he finds small enough, he will stick it up there. My friend told me that she knew someone who's child did the same thing and they had to surgically remove a bead from her nose. So I am really concerned? Any suggestions on how to stop this behavior?

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your advice and horror stories..LOL!!! Well my son got the stomach flu and stopped eating for a few days, so when he felt better he ate everything rather than put it up his nostrils. Therefore he has forgotten all about his nasty habit!!! I guess it was just a phase.

E. G

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Hi E.,

I could share some horror stories with you also. Besides the bead in the ear, the black-eyed pea up the nose, the metal ballbearing that my daughter decided was something she wanted to teeth on (and swallowed, I won't tell you that story)there are only a few boring stories, lol. We made so many trips to the ER that they knew my daughter by name when she walked through the door!

Seriously, my daughter did this until she was 6. I always watched her like a hawk! She and I talked often, and after I put things together, it had a lot to do with her ADHD. She was so busy with her mind and her hands, and it always happened when she HAD to sit still. The dinner table, the toilet, the school desk...all places where she wanted to wiggle and wasn't allowed.

When I detoxed my house and removed all the synthetic chemicals that were causing her ADD/ADHD, the behavior stopped. I don't know if that is what is going on with your son or not but detoxing is never a bad idea. Let me now if you want more information. I love to share what I had to struggle to learn :)



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Hi E.,

I can completly relate, as my daughter and one of my grandaughters went through the same thing. We couldn't find anything that worked to stop them. My grandaughter just outgrew it a little after her second birthday. My youngest daughter had to have "fluff and stuff" removed surgicaly from her sinus and has put nothing up there since. I asked the ENT about it and he said he knows of no deterent, some kids just do it, and others don't. Keep and eye on your child, and if he gets somthing in there that you cant get out, get him to an ENT right away. If they can get it before it moves up to the sinus cavity you can avoid surgery (it's an in office procedure).

Good luck to you and know that he will outgrow it.

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Reward him when he doesn,t put things up his nose,and continue to stay prayerful!!!

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I'm sorry I don't have any advice. I'm just totally laughing about this because my own son just last week put a small plastic pellet (to a pellet gun) in his ear!! He did this right at naptime when all the kids had just laid down (i do home daycare), and I thoght I was going to have to take him to the ER to have it removed. It's funny now, but at the time I was almost in a panic over what to do with al the daycare kids while I took my son to the ER. I eventually got it out when I wiggled his ear from the outside and it slid foward enough to use tweezers, but that was close!

The only thing I did was tell him horror stories and scare him so maybe he won't do it again.

Anyway, I wish I could help, just wanted to let you knnw, your not alone!!:-)

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I have 3 girls and the 2 older ones have put things up their noses. One time I took her to the ER and the doctor removed the bead. When he was done and charged us an arm and a leg, he said next time you can hold the other nostril closed and blow in her mouth. The next time, I tried it and the bead came flying out. But when my daughter put a small rock up her nose it didn't work. So it is worth a try and maybe a saved trip to the ER. I wonder what #3 with put in her nose. :)

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Gosh, i feel bad for you. My son was probably less than a year and put a pea in his right nostril, and i freaked out! But don't ask me how i got it out cause i think i blanked out! Ha! But he started crying and never did it again. I think he got scared. But good luck!

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My son did that at a young age. He now has 3 little boys that love to hear stories about their father, but so far I have not been able to tell them because they may try to put things in their noses, ears and mouth.

Something our children do are educational. One day he smelled like something dead. Really dead. After three baths, he still smelled like something dead. When his father got home, he said "Give this kid a bath." I told him he has already had three. His dad then started inspecting him and found a dead moth wrapped in tin foil up his nose. If it smelled so bad to us, how much worse could it smell to him?




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That is so funny, but not really at the same time! Kids are kids and I have heard of so many kids putting things in their little noses. So it is totally normal & as you said a phase.
I am glad he stopped doing it! I have an 18 month old and one on the way and so far he has not tried doing that and I hope he never does or the next little guy due in October.
I also wanted to say that Flemsan comment was so silly and she was way to judge mental and harsh again it is NORMAL and they usually will stop! Duh, as you know because your little man stopped already. I hate when people make comments like that & that is not something I would ever put a kid in time out for!



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If you haven't already, then you really have to be firm and give him some serious time outs. If time outs is not effective, then take something from him that he truly adores. If that does not work then Mom you have a serious problem. He can really damage his nose internally that might lead to medical and/or hospital care. Stop the negative behavior ASAP. Goodluck and God Bless.



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maybe you should takehim to an ent who can see if he has an infectioon or irritation he is trying to relieve. the other thing could be the reinforcement in the behviour from you freaking out when it happens, not that you cant react of course. Maybe its the only way he stands out with how busy things are at home. I would try the doctor route just to be safe.



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Keep small nose-size things put up: and start looking for a good ENT good with Peds. You have a normal child, congratulations.



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I experienced the same thing with a stone up my nose when I was say 3 yrs old. I remember it. I was at my babysitter's and sitting on the floor and put it in my nose. I remember having to go to the dr and they held me down and the dr used long slender tweezers and went up in there and got it out. I never did it again.

But it's hard when you have several ages of children, to keep unsafe toys, little objects away from the baby. You can tell this story to your baby. Maybe he'll understand and not do it. But I doubt it. Good luck



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you're not alone! I remember my little sister putting a cherry pit in her nose, it was wedged up so far my mom couldnt get it out and panicked. Went to the neighbor across the street to call but by that time, it had moved ever so slightly to be able to be removed. My sister was definitely old enough to know better, I want to say she was about 6????

Glad you had a great outcome from the stomach flu!!!!

And that tin foil wrapped moth??!? seriously!!!! oh my! whew!



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OH I certainly will be interested in the outcome of this one. I have no suggestions. My son did that when he was little too. He only did it a couple of times but still it was stressful. I wish I had an answer for you. Other than the normal "No! No!" very sternly to have an affect.. I have no suggestions.

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