My Son Is Refusing the Breast and Not Eatting Very Well!

Updated on October 14, 2007
S.L. asks from Crewe, VA
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First I will give you a little bit of information about my son, he has this thing called a tight anal spintcher, which he has to go to the gastroentrologist for because he doesn't have bowel movements at all by himself I either have to use a pinky finger and help him or a suppository to help him go. I do notice that when he hasn't gone in a couple days that he doesn't want to eat which is understandable, but he will only nurse for a couple of minutes on each breast and then doesn't want anymore, this has made my milk supply decrease or at least I think it has. I normally can pump when he skips a feeding and pump at least 6 ozs. or more all together, but I pumped tonight for the first time in a while since he has had this problem of not wanting to eat right and I barely got 3 ozs. I just started him on rice cereal, I don't know if that would mean anything or not. The last time this happened to me when I had the twins I could never get my milk supply back up no matter what I did, and the thing is I don't know if my milk supply was dimenshing all this time but yesterday and today he has been fussing at the breast and won't be on for too long....could it be that I don't have much for him anymore and that's why he is doing this? Please help in any way you can with any suggestions you can!

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So What Happened?

Well I decided to go ahead and try the oatmeal before I went on to try fenugreek. The oatmeal started to work almost immediately. Less than 24 hours later when I pumped I got over 4 ozs. Thanks so much for the help!

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answers from Norfolk on

What you're pumping is actually a very high volume. Check out this Kellymom link.

Your supply should be regulating by now. Your body won't make more than your baby needs. That's not a bad thing.

Don't forget that you can never judge if your supply is low by pumping b/c babies are much more efficient than any pump at getting what they need.

Also the rice cereal is very binding. That may be causing him more distress. You can give him avocado as a first food and he'll be fine.

Can they do anything about the anal sphincter? It seems to me that if you have to help him go every time his problem will never get better. Interesting. You've insired me to do some research. I hope he's better soon!



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This sounds to me that you aren't producing rich enough breast milk. Have you tried any formula. He might be constipated because it isn't rich enough. You might have to give him a bottle, he might just be tired of tring to get something out of you. If you have any questions you are free to email me privately.

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The rice cereal might be making him worse. I know a lot of babies get stopped up a bit with it. For the most part it's nothing but a filler and it's fortified with iron which is known to constipate.

It's also quite normal for breastfed babies to go up to a week without a bowel movement. It has nothing to do with how rich your breastmilk is. I can guarantee you that your breastmilk is a whole lot more nutritious for him than any formula that has been created.

The problem may not be with you. Look at your pump. Is the suction okay? Was it a different time of day where he'd normally take less? Also check for other reasons that he might be going on a nursing strike. New teeth or milestone or whatever.

If you haven't, try contacting your local La Leche League. They might be able to help you better in person.

Also, try some natural supply boosters. Oatmeal is one of them. There's also Mother's Milk Tea, blessed thistle, and fenugreek. I'd stick with a bowl of oatmeal first though. Or oatmeal cookies. Those can do the trick too and taste a whole lot better.



answers from Charleston on

Sometimes I'm stunned by what I read on There is nothing wrong with your breastmilk I'm sure! It is the best most PERFECT food for your son. Better than any formula you could ever give him. (Even formula companies tell you that breastmilk is best!) Breastmilk is also a natural laxitive, talk to the doctor, he will tell you the same. With the bowel issues, Id def. stick to breastmilk. You said that hes starting to cut teeth, and that can be a reason hes not nursing as well. Also, babies go through different growth spurts. It could be hes just simply not as hungry right now. As long as hes gaining weight and hes healthy, I wouldn't worry too much. Talk to your doc about it, he'll prolly reassure you of the same things =)

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