My Son Is Limping After Jumping onto the Floor

Updated on April 03, 2008
M.D. asks from Rowlett, TX
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Hi Mamas,

Last night my son, who is 4, jumped off of my cedar chest (about 2 ft. tall) onto the carpet and landed wrong or something. I was watching him jump but didn't exactly see how he landed, as he has done this many times. He cried just a little bit, more winced in pain and then since that point when he stood up he has been limping on one leg. This happened around 6:30 last night. There has been no redness or swelling or bruising at all and he is still limping this morning.

Two things:
1. He has very high pain tolerance
2. He is severely speech delayed and cannot tell us where it hurts.

We ask him to point to where it hurts and he just points to the general area of his leg. This morning no swelling or anything and he is still limping but running around and playing like it's not bothering him.

So I'm wondering what I should do. Wrap his ankle in ace bandage? Get x-rays? My ped. will just charge me a visit and pass me on to someone else. We don't have insurance right now so it is a big deal if we take him somewhere. I really don't want to spend $300 on dr.s visits and x-rays just to hear "It's slightly sprained. Just have him rest it and he'll be okay." But at the same time, I will do what he needs, whatever it is for sure. He is very active and I'd have to give him benedryl to get him to rest it!

This morning he is acting just fine but the limping is concerning me.

Just an fyi, I don't encourage jumping off furniture (in case any of you are thinking I just let my son be wild and crazy) but my son is developmentally delayed by 18+ months and jumping is something we have been working on for a long time. This time he actually jumped like a real jump and my husband and I were so excited and praising him telling him what a great jump he just did. And that's when we realized something wasn't right.


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Now take this not as advice, but just as my experience. About 1 month ago my very active 6 year old jumped off his bed, and was not limping, but we knew he jumped very hard because I heard him land, on his feet, from the other room. The day after he started limping, but we couldn't find anything, brusing or swelling, he limped for 2 days and I finally took him to his ped. He checked him and said there was nothing wrong, that he didn't see the need for an x-ray, it was either that he put too much weight and bruised a joint internally or was just sore after too much activity. He did recommend getting bloodwork, since sometimes kids might have some kind of arthritis or something, but everything came back fine. He was doing just great a few days later, but we have noticed that if he jumps a lot, or from high places he'll limp for a few hours, so I think it's putting too much strain on the bone/joint. Long story short, he was fine, but we had to pay $30 for dr. visit, and over $100 for bloodwork. Now this is advice, watch him over the next few days, and if it gets worse or doesn't improve in a at least 3 or 4 days, take him to a doctor.

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I am all too familiar with your situation. My son is 5 and delayed. He still doesn't jump very well and has an usually high tolerance for pain. Last year he decided to jump off the couch, since we were working on jumping. He wouldn't walk on it and did have bruising and swelling. It turns out he fractures his foot and needed a cast. A couple of months ago he fell down 2 steps and sprained his foot. He needed a splint to keep his foot straight. He didn't have bruising but did have some swelling. I think you should take him to the ER just to be on safe side. I know without insurance the cost will be high, I've had a $300 bill as well. I just wouldn't risk him being hurt and me not doing anything about it. Good luck!



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My hubby is a nurse. He said that if there is no redness or any swelling whatsoever, then it is only a sprain or injury confined to soft tissues...and if no swelling would be mild at that. So, I would put some cold on it for the next couple of days...wrap it in an ace bandage if it makes him feel better (although I guess you don't know if it is his knee or ankle or what), and just give it some time. If no major swelling, etc no need to waste the money. If you had insur, I'd say just take him in and let them x-ray it to be sure, but if not...give it time.



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I am probably the mom who worries way too much, but I would take him in to be seen and x-rayed somewhere. I know you said you don't have insurance right now, but emergency rooms will not deny you regardless of ability to pay. My brother did something like that when he was younger. He jumped off the bed being "superman." He seemed to be fine until later when we went to the lake to swim. I guess the cold water made it hurt or something. He ended up with a broken leg at the beginning of the summer. He had no swelling or much pain either. He just limped abit after getting into the water. Anyway, hope that helps.

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