My Son Is 18 Months Old and He Likes Mashed Potatoes, Can They Be Constipating?

Updated on May 01, 2019
H.F. asks from Sunset, TX
6 answers

constipation in toddlers

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We never had that problem :)

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Welcome to mamapedia, H..

Why would mashed potatoes cause constipation? Yes, they are a starch but if eaten in moderation and accompanied with fluids (i.e. water, juice) they should not constipate anyone.

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answers from Norfolk on

I don't think mashed potatoes are a high fiber food especially since they don't have the potato skin included.
If constipation is becoming a problem then make sure he's drinking plenty of water and eating raisins, prune juice, etc.
It would be a good thing to talk about at your next check up with your pediatrician.

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answers from Boston on

White potatoes, like white flour (white bread, white pasta), is low in fiber, so small amounts are fine if you are balancing it out with a variety of foods including fruits and other vegetables, and lots of water.

Remember that, as much as we like to keep our kids happy, it's not up to them to decide what will be served, and it's not up to us to feed them just what they like. Toddlers who just eat mashed potatoes grow up to be teens who just eat fries. It can't be easy for you to make mashed potatoes every day, so it's easy to say, "No potatoes today, honey. But look! I made zucchini and sweet potatoes. Yum!" Toddlers can, and should, chew a variety of foods, so mix it up and remember that you're the one who buys and preps the food, so you determine what he's going to be served. Do not become an on-demand cook.

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If your toddler is experiencing constipation too frequently, then check with your doctor.

And a lot can depend on the type of mashed potatoes you're making. If it's the instant flakes in the package or box, or frozen microwavable mashed potatoes, look at the ingredients list. So many things that aren't necessary are in those. There are sugars, and lots of suspicious oils, and too many processed chemicals to name. None of those things are good for a growing toddler.

But cooking a real potato and mashing it with a little real butter and just enough milk to make them creamy enough for a toddler, can be good (ensuring that your child doesn't have a milk allergy, of course). It only takes a few minutes to steam or boil a real potato, peeled and cut into pieces. Start him now on the road to appreciating and tasting real food, not the boxed junk.

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