My Son Has Roseola & Very Irritable the Day After Rash Appeared

Updated on July 02, 2010
D.L. asks from Absecon, NJ
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My son is 3 & has Roseola. Is it normal to be more irritable after the rash appears? He got the rash yesterday morning & seems to be fine all day. This morning he woke up & was a different child, very irritable, unconsolable for the most part & still not eating really until dinner time & again still very irritable. I'm wondering if this is normal to happen the day after rash appeared. I would have thought he would be feeling even better. My friend, a mom of 3, suggest that since he has has diarrhea for they past 3 days that this might be due to upset stomach. If you ask him if anything hurts he tells you no. Anyone experience anything similar with their child? TIA

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the responses! My son is almost 100 percent rash free now & he seems to only be getting irritable when he tired. More so then he did prior to getting this but that is improving as well. Thanks again!

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We just got over roseola here too. It's going around right now. I noticed my daughter was still grumpy even after the rash. I think she was hungry, dehydrated and tired. She's not 1 yet, so hard to tell. Make sure he's getting lots of liquids and a diet of bland foods. Hopefully after a good nights sleep he'll feel better.

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My son just got over this, and his tummy was definitely bothering him too, and he wasn't himself. They told us it could cause that, and so we tried to be prepared, but he still ended up with an awful, nearly-bleeding diaper rash. So I don't know if the crankiness was from that or not, it was pretty painful. If he still seems cranky and not himself tomorrow, you could call the nurse line at your ped's office and ask them how long to expect the change in behavior or if it doesn't sound normal to them either. Hope he feels better soon!

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I had this in college (don't ask, I still don't kow how I ended up with it at 21) but mine started with strep throat. Could he be suffering from swollen glands or strep? I would imagine that would make him pretty irritable. I also ran a low grade fever the whole time, but I'm sure even that would affect a little one much more than it did me. I know I also had very little appetite that whole week. If I remember correctly, the rash is the most persistent part of roseola, and the other symptoms pretty much last a day or so before moving on.

I hope he starts feeling better soon! I know my rash was so red and noticeable, some people thought I had sunburn, and others asked if I should be sitting in a bathtub of ice to cool off. I do remember that it all started on a Monday was done by the following Sunday, so hopefully it won't last too much longer for him!


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Hi, D.:

Check out
"calm cool & corrected"

See if this will help.



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Check the inside of his mouth for ulcers and his hands and feet. Hand Foot and Mouth disease can show a lot of the symptoms of Roseola.

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