My Son Doesn't Produce Tears

Updated on September 29, 2012
L.H. asks from North Richland Hills, TX
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My son will be 21 months old on Saturday, and he does not produce tears. He can be as mad as a hornet or fall and hurt himself and cry/scream, but no tears. He doesn't have red eyes. He only rubs his eyes when he's tired. Besides the fact that no tears come out, his eyes appear as normal as the next kid. He doesn't even get a runny nose when he's been crying. Our pediatrician keeps telling me that this is OK, but my gut says this is just not normal! Has anyone else experienced this and is it indeed OK? He's never had an eye infection, never had puffy eyes, nothing. The only symptom I can tell is no liquid comes out the eyes or nose when he's crying really hard.

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answers from Buffalo on

My four year old has never cried tears ever he has fallen n droken his arm n no tears help this really worries me


My four year old has never cried tears ever he has fallen n droken his arm n no tears help this really worries me he can fall be really upset but doesnt produce tears why



answers from Dallas on

I have this situation also. The tear glands (tear ducts only carry the tears to the eye)are underactive, producing only enough tears to keep the eyes lubricated,severely in one eye. The problem with this situation is the inability to wash out eye irritants. I get pink eye if anyone in my reach has it! The driest eye is actually now smaller than the other from the frequent infections. I'll never be able to wear contacts, or have laser surgery. I put sterile natural tears drops in my eyes often, especially when the weather is dry, or there is a lot of pollen in the air. It is also important to keep your son hydrated so that the eye isn't also dry from the inside. If he takes any allergy medicine in the future, the hydration will be even more important.

If you have a PPO insurance plan, I would take him to a pediatric eye specialist. They'll tell you the same thing that I have, but will then be able to record base line data and be able to note changes in the future.



answers from Dallas on

That does not seem normal to me either. Years ago I met a gal in Camp when I was a young girl and she had tears all the time. Tear ducts. I would think that worse but there has to be something clogged. Keep looking and seeking. God Bless G. W



answers from Dallas on

One of my friend's babies had this and they performed surgery on him. It wasn't serious, but it had to be taken care of. Ironically her other child had the exact opposite problem and had to have something done. I would look into seeing (no pun intended) an Ophthalmologist.



answers from Austin on

I think it is okay. :) My son is two and seven months. He does not cry tears. Gets mad and upset with completely dry eyes. I started to mention this to my pediatrician at about a month old. She told me to be patient; sometimes young babies don't produce tears. I waited. No tears. I mentioned it at 4 months and every check up afterwards. Puzzled, but sure nothing was wrong she said to wait until he was one and then take him to an eye specialist. At one no tears. Went to the specialist (highly rated). He said nothing was wrong. He said that sometimes tears are not caught up with a child's emotions. Be patient and come back at two years old, if no tears. At two I went back. He checked my sons eyes again and assured me he was fine. He has told us to come back at three. Still no tears. Waiting for my son to turn three. I hope this helps you. :)



answers from Dallas on

I don't know, but I suggest you follow your instincts on this one. Try another pediatrician or a specialist in pediatric vision... That seems just a bit off to me- I would be concerned about his ability to keep his eyes moist and ward off infection. Tears serve an important purpose although it may not seem like it.

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