My Son Doesnt Crawl, He Rolls

Updated on January 02, 2009
M.D. asks from Orange, CA
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my son will be 11 months on saturday, and he still doesnt crawl, he rolls instead. if he wants to get somewhere he rolls, then turns himself on his belly in the direction that he wants and rolls again, and thats his way of getting around, so my question is, is this normal or should i be concerned about development problems. also my son was born 6 weeks early, so that would really make him 9 1/2 months, but arent 9 1/2 month babies suppose to crawl?? has anyone elses baby just rolled around instead of crawling??

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answers from San Diego on

I've heard that 'crawling' takes on many forms (scooting, rolling, pushing backwards, etc.) so, as long as your son is hitting other developmental milestones, I wouldn't be concerned. If I remember correctly, my daughter sort of sat up and just scooted around on her bum, backwards. And my son didn't crawl on his knees, but on his tip-toes (legs straight).



answers from Los Angeles on

My son is 6 1/2 months now and seems to be doing the same thing. He turns and then rolls. Not sure how long it will be before he starts crawling.

I have always heard that each baby develops at their own pace. So, I wouldn't be too concerned. Just make sure he has enough tummy time and ask the pediatrician just in case.



answers from Las Vegas on

I would just mention it to the pediatrician and see if they are concerned, but I would not be. My son who will be 2 2-3-09 army crawled since 3 months old, but would never sit up we scheduled to be evaluated and he sat up not long after-so I cancelled the appt. He crawled army style forever and then walked at 11 months. All kids develop at different rates so as long as the ped is not concerned I would not be either-let him develop at his own pace. L.



answers from Los Angeles on

that is considered crawling. some babies roll, army crawl, hands and knees crawl, scoot on their bottoms and some dont crawl at all. if your concerned then call his pedi or ask at his 12 month appt. as long as hes doing everything else like sitting alone, pulling up, and maybe cruising i wouldnt worry. :)



answers from Honolulu on

My daughter started off with being a "roller" too... she rolled everywhere. Then she started crawling, army style. Then she started walking at about 11 months old.

It could be because your baby was a preemie... I have heard that their development is per this factor, but that they do catch up, in their own time.

Does he sit up? Does he pull up? Can he do "push ups" lifting his body up with his forearms?

ASK your Pediatrician... but I would not worry.
Especially if your son is meeting all other milestones.
Always check with your Pediatrician...

All the best,

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