My Previous Tantrum

Updated on December 02, 2016
S.W. asks from Birmingham, MI
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Hello All,

I can't even revisit my last post. Clearly I was in quite the mood and in need of venting. However, I'm embarrassed by my temper tantrum regarding the ads. It was over the top, undeserved and obviously misdirected. I'd like to thank all of you out there that took the time to tolerate that and to offer constructive input. I'm not usually that impulsive but I clearly lost my cool.

Please accept my gratitude and my apology and if you'd like to comment on this not quite a question posting, please don't hesitate to do so.

Sincerely, S. :-)

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answers from Atlanta on

Thank you for modeling good human-ness (goofing, admitting to a mistake, and seeking to make up for it). Glad that you are still here.

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answers from Boston on

No problem - we all are camels who eventually hit our last straw. This was yours. It's okay! Glad you're sticking around!

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answers from Honolulu on

That was a very nice post to read. No need for embarrassment. Nice attitude!

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answers from Reading on

Haven't been on in a week or so, but brava to you for this post. Impressive.

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answers from Portland on

It wasn't a tantrum - you were just griping about something that's bothered a bunch of us. I was so bothered I changed my settings - had the same complaint.

We all have those days :O)

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answers from Norfolk on

Don't feel bad.
If the chips fall just the right way, I'm inclined to explode every so often.
Like yesterday for example.

I had a political poll call me yesterday wanting to ask me questions.
I said "Why? The elections is over! What's the point?".
She said it was for the - wait for it - NEXT - election.
I said "Are you INSANE? I don't want to hear about it till no sooner than 6 weeks beforehand. Until then DON'T CALL ME!".

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answers from Washington DC on

we've all had bad days. I'm sorry you had a bad one.

I hope you got Ad-Blocker installed.

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answers from Springfield on

we all have our moments.. and sometimes oce we voice a complaint about something it gets fixed.. we don't always know if its karma or some smart person online that did the fix. but if we don't speak up about problems then how are they going to get fixed?

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answers from Washington DC on

i'm always appreciative of those who leave their posts up and add to, explain further or apologize for 'em down the road.
you're good in my book.
:) khairete

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answers from Seattle on

I was glad you complained about it and followed what some of the ladies recommended and got ad-blocker. I didn't even know that was a thing!!
SO...because of your rant I was able to get the ad-blocker and stay on mamapedia (I was close to quitting too).

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answers from New York on

Complain away - you're a regular on here - we know you and will not stop liking you for one (on target) post! Everyone should feel like they can tell it like it is on here.

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