My Poor Baby Keeps Throwing Up

Updated on November 30, 2010
S.B. asks from Chicago, IL
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My one year old woke up this morning by gagging and throwing up. We cosleep, and during the night I kept noticing it sounds like his nose was plugged because he was kinda snoring. Then in the morning he threw up. It wasn't much, clear, no food, just a little mucousy. I wasn't too concerned, but it's happened about 5 times now and I feel so bad for him. I tried suctioning his nose, but that's not the problem because I don't get anything out. It seems like maybe it's phlegm or maybe sinus drainage? He doesn't have a fever or any other symptoms that I can tell. When he throws up he sort of heaves a little first, then it comes out. It's not forceful, and it's not a lot, maybe a tablespoon or two. I just don't want him to feel bad, so I was wondering if there is anything I can do for him to help clear out this phlegm or mucous or whatever is causing the problem. Also, do you think I should feed him? We are still breastfeeding as well as solid foods for mealtimes... should I nurse him or will that make it worse?

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answers from Chicago on

Try some baby vicks on his chest and they have the vicks plugins that work really nice. It could be nasal inflamation that is causing the snoring. My granddaughter has the same snoring problem and when I put the vicks on her chest she sleeps much better.

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answers from Chicago on

Sounds exactly what happened to my daughter. She is older, but we went to the doctor and got the nebulizer. I had no idea throwing up could be linked to a lung/breathing issue! If he will eat, I would feed him. You have the added bonus of being able to soothe him at the same time. We knew our daughter was feeling better after using the nebulizer a few times because she finally asked for food. I would just call the doctor to be sure, mine told me there is a nasty virus going around. Good luck :)



answers from Champaign on

Breast milk is considered a clear fluid and a great thing to give a baby who is sick. It might just be the phlegm, if so try squirting some breast milk in his nose before suctioning. Like someone else said there is a nasty stomach bug going around. My 10 month old threw up a lot in the first 12 hours and there was no fever. She didn't really want to nurse, just snuggle. I did try to nurse her as much as possible to keep her hydrated.



answers from Boise on

mom on the go in correct, get pedialyte.
your biggest worrry with vomiting or diahrreah is that the body's electrolytes (sodium/potassium) become dangerously low.
Make sure he stays hydrated or he can go into shock. Shock is hard to pinpoint because it can just look like they have a bad flu. But it can cause tissue death creates endocrine problems down the road.



answers from Fort Wayne on

I'm not a doctor, so it's hard to say. From your description it does sound like maybe there's some sinus drainage. Are you using saline spray in his nose before you suction it? That usually helps to clear up my kids noses.
Yes, you should still nurse him. If he feels like eating solids, then offer some. I would stick with things that are bland and not to difficult to swallow. Stay away from anything thick, that might make things worse. If he doesn't feel like nursing, at least get him to drink some water.
Chances are if he doesn't have a fever, the doctor's not going to do much. There's really nothing they can do for a cold, unless it turns into a sinus infection.
Hopefully he feels better soon!



answers from Dallas on

It could be just the drainage and all. There is though a nasty stomach virus going around here. Lots of throwing up in the 1st 24 hours, some get the diarreah also. And some people run a pretty high fever the next 24 hours then its over. Just warning you in case it's that.



answers from Atlanta on

Hi S.,

It sounds to me like he is simply throwing up the phlegm he is swallowing. It doesn't sit well on the tummy. Keep breastfeeding him. He needs his immune system strong.

A cool air vaporizer with a little tea tree oil in it is good for breaking down the plegm and for helping him to breath. Make sure he is getting plenty of fluids and urinating as usual.

God bless. Praying your little one feels better soon!




answers from Chicago on

I would nurse him all day as much as he wants and forget about table food. He will be able to digest that much quicker and it will keep him hydrated. Give little sips of water if he'll take it, or plain electrolyte water or coconut water (NOT Gatorade or something with sugar/colors.)

Call your ped- I would not take him in unless it continues or you are really worried about breathing. There is wheezing, which is a sound on the EXhale and there is stridor, which is a sound on the INhale. Wheezing they don't usually worry about, but stridor is a sign of croup. Putting him in the bathroom with a hot shower running in the background to create steam will help open him up, and cold air can help too, so standing by a window or bundling him up and taking him out for a breath of air. Croup swells the airways, so if you see his chest caving in when he tries to inhale, you should go to the ER for a breathing treatment right away (they will do a quick chest Xray most times too, to rule out pneumonia.)

The ped can prescribe a nebulizer you can use at home with asthma meds to temporarily help open up his airways or you can use sterile saline more frequently. The way I used mine at this age was to just aim it at baby's nose while nursing and comfortable. Even if they cry, they still get the meds during those deep breaths and it's good to help open them up.

It doesn't sound like a tummy issue to me, but a breathing one, and like the phlegm is congesting him and possibly upsetting tummy.

Kudos to you for co-sleeping and continuing to breastfeed him!! You are doing all the right things to keep him safe, healthy and comfy, especially while sick!

(mommy of a 3 yr old still nursing!)



answers from Chicago on

use your breastmilk just as you would saline solution as it thins the mucus far better than saline. Then only nurse him until he stops throwing up. You may also have to limit the nursing if you notice he is throwing up right after he fills his tummy. DO NOT give him solids right now until he is vomit free for a bit. HE may just be gagging on the post nasal drip as well. ANyways just nurse him freely if he stops vomiting and wait a bit for solids. And great job still nursing! if you werent youd be afraid of him dehydrating since most likely hed not eat nor dink anything or if he wanted to it would upset his tummy! there is a reason why kids that are extended nursed go to hospital less!!!

as far as the pedialyte...your breastmilk is far better than pedialyte and i have heard ( and witnessed it myself) that it can actually cause a kid to vomit more. Id only try that at last resort



answers from Chicago on

I'd call your ped. Take his temp first - they'll ask. I know there is a stomach flu going around. But maybe it is just phlegm. But because he's already thrown up so much this morning, I'd still call them.

I'd also buy some unflavored Pedialyte and use that. You can mix it with a small amt of Gatorade or juice for flavoring, even formula.

He needs hydration first and foremost. Then food. Try dry crackers, toast, etc. if he's keeping liquids down. You can also give him some low sodium chicken broth, warm - it may help if he has a sore throat/phlegm.

Best wishes Mama!

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