My One Year Old Grand Daughter Crys When Her Diaper Is Changed! Why?

Updated on October 26, 2008
L.W. asks from Kennewick, WA
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I babysit my grand daughter 2 1/2 hours 2 days a week and when I lay her down to change her diaper, she crys like she thinks I am going to hurt her. She also trys to grab at her private area and she used to have a very bad diaper rash which is now cleared up - her mother said the diaper rash was caused by food allergies. (I think the diaper rash could have been caused by not changing her diaper often enough) (She is very happy all the time and rarely crys any other time) She also crys for about 10-15 minutes when I put her down to take a nap. Do other mothers have this problem and if so what do you do to try to calm them? I really don't like changing her diaper or putting her down for a nap for this reason. Any advice will be helpful. Thank you.

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answers from Seattle on

My ten month old sometimes cries when I change her diaper or dress her. I assume she would rather be playing or active rather than pinned down being changed, that's all! I remember this issue with my older daughter too, they're just wiggly and ready to run at that age and don't want to be held back!

My baby cries at naptime too, either because she's tired or because she'd rather be playing still too. But usually just for a few minutes. A sound machine has helped. Good luck!

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answers from Spokane on

Both my grandkids are the same and it's always from when they are having bad diapers from rashes. I am with you I don't think they get changed enough. When I'm taking care of them I have more time so I'm always ontop of it and I treat there rashes. Sometimes my Daughter and son inlaw really leave the rash go on to long and it hurts. So I think thier still hurting. My granddaughter today looked like her has was cleared but if you look in her crack when I clean her it's red in there so there's still things going on. I showed my daughter and just was extra careful cleaning her because that really hurts and put her cream to start clearing it up. But my grandkids are the same right now because they both have colds. It's that time of year again.

Good luck.

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Hi, L.!

My son is 16 months old and he cries just about every time he has to get his diaper changed and he's done this for a LONG time now. He just doesn't like to be stopped from playing. Sometimes when he's really angry about it he will try to grab himself and the diaper just to show me he's mad.

I've found that if he has a toy or book in his hand, his attention is on that and not on me changing his diaper and that usaully works for us.

He also cries at naptime every day . . . sometimes as long as 10-15 minutes.

I think your granddaughter is just at that age where they don't like to stop what they're playing with and she wants you to know it. I wouldn't worry about the crying and although it's hard, you may just have to ignore it for now.

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answers from Portland on

Hi! In the past when my daughter has gotten a rash, she got SUPER sensitive to diaper changing time. Mainly because it hurt to have the area cleaned. I stopped using diaper wipes and opted for a spray bottle of room tempature water and a soft washcloth. She was much better about the diaper changes then. She actually liked the spray from the bottle, I think it cooled her off when she was irritated.
I dont have any advice for the napping thing though. Does she nap well for her parents? Maybe she is missing a special toy that she naps with at home?
Good luck to you!



answers from Eugene on

I would ask your son and/or daughter-in-law if your grand-daughter cries when they try to change her diaper. Maybe there is something there that you or I can't see from the after-math of the bad rash. To me that sounds weird that she is touching herself/reacting like that everytime. I would imagine that the crying when being put down for a nap is normal. That is my thoughts.... Good luck.



answers from Seattle on

We have gone through this with both of our kids. And the hard thing about having reaction to food/acids is even if you ketch the dirty diaper right away it just takes a few seconds for the rash to come! And if by chance you don't happen to get it right away which if she is anything like my kids she knows it's going to hurt they avoid letting us ketch on that they are poopy. Anyway when my son currently 1.5 years gets this rash even if he hears the cabinet with the diapers in it open he runs away and screams! We just make sure to keep a good helping of diaper rash cream on their buts during this time! I truly don't believe that this problem is because of a lack of diaper changes(or fast diaper changes) it really does sound like a food allergy rash.

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