My Nails Won't Grow!

Updated on July 10, 2010
A.M. asks from Duncanville, TX
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Hey Ladies! I've been taking Biotin pills for better growth of hair and nails, and just can't get my nails to grow. My hair grows just fine. Do any of you have a suggestion for something to take to help with this? I do not get manicures and possibly that's something that I need to do. Thanks for the suggestions.

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answers from Dallas on

You may need to just take a B vitamin complex with the Biotin. Whenever you are taking a single B vitamin for a specific issue, you always need to make sure to take a B complex (ideally co-enzymated). There are synergies/dependencies amongst the B vitamins. Also, you don't mention how much you are taking. I take 10 mg daily (along with a co-enzymated B-100 complex) and my nails now grow very quickly. I think 2.5 mg would be the minimum one would take to help with nails. Manicures won't help and I personally avoid any of the toxic nail products as those are absorbed through the nails. There are nail products that don't contain as many toxic chemicals, but they still are not as healthy as plain (possibly buffed) nails, which is something you can do at home, to avoid having to breath the toxic fumes in most nail salons. As an aside, people that work in hair/nail salons have higher rates of cancer as compared to others.

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I still take prenatal vitamins. They are awesome for hair & nails.

I also get this calcium stuff at Sally's Beauty Supply that I put on my nails daily.



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Are your nails breaking or just not growing very fast? My nails seem to break and split easily, if I don't keep at least a clear polish on them. I use Sally Hansen Hard as Nails clear nail polish and it works great! I think there is also a Sally Hansen growth nail polish, but I can't remember the name, since I have not used it in a while. But is also works well.



answers from Dallas on

Take Prenatal Vitamins :)


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Don't waste your money on manicures!

1. take a multi-vitamin
2. keep all polish off of your nails for a while (maybe clear is okay if they are brittle)
3. push your cuticles back when you get out of the shower
4. put cuticle cream on them daily (or more than once)

They even have some stuff you can put on there that will make them grow better. I think it is made by Sally Hansen. "7 Day Growth Formula". It works great.



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A. - I am so excited to tell you about this. I too have terrible nails. They are thin and weak and split and I have never been able to ever get them to grow. I don't dare get fake nails because it takes years just for them to return to their normal (terrible) state. However, I recently purchased a new Avon product called: Skin So Soft, Ultra Body Serum with Silkening Pearls for my skin. The side benefit is that in just two weeks my nails have grown the point that the white tips are over 1/4 inch long! I think this is real new to the Avon line and may have only been introduced in Camp. 4. The current campaign is Camp. 5. It is on sale in both campaigns. My Avon rep is out of Denton and her name is Dorothea Taylor. You can email her at: [email protected] or call her at: 940/479-2096. Tell her T. recommended her. Good luck, I hope it works as well for you as it has for me. I think long, natural nails are so sexy! I feel special!



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Take a multivitaman each night before you go to bed, the vitaman will absorb into your body during the night. Your nails and hair will grow quickly! I've never been able to grow out my nails without them splitting and since I've added vitamans to my nightly routing, I have to get manacures just to keep up with the maintenance on my long nails!




answers from Abilene on

Dear A.,
I had that same problem till I found out abuot this. Go to than find
Essentials For Life It took a little while for them to grow and get strong.Plus it helps the rest of your body.
Good luck
J. G


answers from Dallas on

Overall good nutrition and vitamin program will improve your nails, hair, skin......the whole kit and kaboodle. Sometimes we focus too much on one vitamin trying to achieve something, but a little bit of everything can work better and be safer for you. If you would like to know the name of a great comprehensive multi, email me.
Best of luck.



answers from Sacramento on

Correct me if I am wrong by Biotin is a B-complex vitamin, you shouldn't take an extra dose of vitamin B if you are already taking Biotin. In my case, my hair, and nails don't grow, I have itchy scalp, and I also have some sort of tendinitis on my knees. All this symptoms are related. Years ago I went to the dermatologist and she told me that my protein levels where low. It was weird because in my household we eat a lot of meat!! She never order any supplements or other studies, the only thing she said was, "eat more protein!".. The thing is, I found out that some people genetically does not produce enough proteins, and that is the reason why nails don't grow, joints, ligaments hurt, hair don't grow, or people have other skin conditions. So, I bought myself a bottle of Collagen (collagen = protein). This is my first week, but I see that my nails are regenerating. My nails were always weak, and peeling, and splitting!! I a short week, I am seeing a huge change. My nails don't look awful any more.. I am waiting to see results on my hair... My knees don't make weird sounds either every time that I bend, so I believe that is a good sign!! I am taking B-complex, and Omega-3 also.

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