My Mom Is Turning 60! Gift Suggestions ~

Updated on January 24, 2011
J.P. asks from Newcastle, CA
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I have no idea what to get my mom for her birthday this year. I want to get her something really nice because she is turning 60. I thought about getting her a TomTom for her car, but my Dad said she already has one. Then I thought maybe a kindle (she loves to read) but then my dad said that she and her friends do a book swap circle or something and so that won't work either. Normally I know lots of ideas of things to get for my mom, but since this is a mile stone birthday I am at a loss. Plus, with having 4 kids, 2 of them being under the age of 2, my time is consumed by other things, and I haven't really had any time to search for ideas. Help!! LOL ~


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Thank you all for your great suggestions. My brother is getting married in a couple of months so I decided that I am going to take her for a "girls day" to go get mani/pedi/etc. with my daughter and make a good memory together. We will do this probably the Friday before the wedding. I don't think she has ever done this.....She is very excited! I probably should've posted on my question that her birthday was on Sunday. I love the family picture idea, but I think we will wait until my brother is married and has some kiddos and the we can do that. I like the jeans and each family wears a different color for shirts - brilliant!!

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For one of my dad's significant birthdays (I think it was his 70th), my sister and I got some nice card stock, and cut it into smaller pieces (I think roughly 3.5x5). We gave five cards to each of their children and three cards to their son-in-law, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren, and asked everyone to write a special memory of Dad. I made a small box to hold them, but you could easily get a nice one at a stationer's store. Dad was really touched.
For Mom's eightieth, all the siblings went together to buy a really nice bracelet. We've all given her jewelry separately, but she cherishes this one because it is from all of us.



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I once heard someone say that the best gifts are experiential, and that has stuck with me. Depending on what she's into, and how much money you want to put into it, you can buy tickets for a play, or concert, or send her on a getaway. For my mom's 70th birthday, all the kids got together and sent my parents on a trip to Egypt (which has been my mom's lifelong desire). I know that's probably too big, but think about giving her an experience. Then she will have those memories forever! Good luck!

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We did a family portrait - I mean the WHOLE family (well, whole family for us is only like 15 people). It was the first one of every single one of us and my mom cried the whole day (well, she held it together during the picture).

Not sure if you can do that - don't know where your whole family is or if they can all get together. We had a BIG party that everyone came in for and we booked a place with a local photographer and all coordinated outfits and met at the studio.

It was really awesome - so if you can do it I would recommend it. Everyone bought their own pics that they wanted individually and we got our mom one on the canvas background, so it looked more like a painting than a picture.

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Think of the things we rarely do for ourselves and you will find something she might love. As moms, we always put others needs first. Especially your moms generation. I'm about her age and do for others constantly and leave my needs and wishes out. I know it's not good for us but it is what it is. So, what about a weekend at a nice bed and breakfast or tickets to a great show. (I lauged at the thought of rock concert tickets..Might be just what she'd like) Or some group she likes. I'd run miles for tickets to see The Beach Boys, or Stattler Brothers, or The Monkees! All groups I grew up with and love. Some aren't even around any longer but it sure would be fun! Not knowing where mom lives, makes it tougher to suggest things, but I've been to Las Vegas and seen Cirque Du Solie "KA", and am still in awe of the performance 4 years later! If you can afford it, give her flight/hotel/show tickets. Also keep in mind her health and energy level. Would she ever use tickets to a rock concert if she hates loud noises? Can she hike/walk very far or does she need a cane or have bad knees now? How heavy is she? I'm over weight and don't enjoy as much walking as I did a few years ago and my thinner friends dont "get it". If she's nearby you, take her to a nice restaurant and spend the afternoon with her. A small gift of earrings, or necklace, a pretty sweater is good. If she wears those things. I don't enjoy when people give me gifts of jewelry in a metal or style I don't wear, or clothing 2 sizes too small in a color that looks terrible on me. So, just think about what she does, what she likes, and what you know she has always wished she could do and give her that. It might be as simple as your time. Visit her and don't sit and complain about the kids, the job, the husband or anything that stresses her out. Give her a great memory of you and let her enjoy her daughter. Id love that.



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This might be a crazy answer but my 68 yr old mom bought herself an ipad last year & she absolutely loves it! If this is something she doesn't have it might be an idea. I'd LOVE to have one! Funny how my mom has something cooler than her daughter :)



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I made my Mother In Law a scrapbook for Mother's Day one year. She lives far away and we get together only a couple times a year. I included pictures of our family over the last year. Each year I send her more pages covering the previous 12 mos. I use a 12x12 album and it usually is about 4-5 pages. May not be practical since your hands are pretty full with 4 kiddos.

I love the family portrait idea. If your siblings are nearby, you could surprise her by having the portrait taken of just her children and grandchildren. My friend's family did one and everyone wore jeans then each family wore a different color shirt. Its fun to look at because even though I don't know everyone, you can easily figure out which kids belong to which adults.


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I was thinking along the same lines as Molly. A Mother/Grandmother ring or necklace.



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I know that as my parents entered their 60s they became more interested in streamlining their lives. Perhaps she would appreciate a non-tangible gift such as a donation made in her name to one of her favorite causes or your local Parks and Rec department may have a program for putting nameplates on permanent items after a donation. Legacy becomes more important each year we are fortunate enough to go 'round the sun again. Good luck finding the perfect gift.



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A charm bracelet or necklace with charms meaningful to things she likes and things she has done in her life - like Brighton charms or a nice watch if she wears watches.



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It really depends on what she is into. I'm eight years away from her age and I would love some personal training sessions, or a trip to a day spa, or even more, a three day trip to a spa. (Or tixs to a rock concert!!) Hey, I got Rockband for Christmas this year!! Something that makes her feel great about herself is always great. Someone mentioned giving her an experience of something she's always wanted to do, but never had the time. My mom is almost eighty and she loves any type of presents which include pictures or special family time with her grandkids like big family dinners (Or tixs to a rock concert!!).



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I'm not sure why you and your dad think that the book swap your mom is doing with friends would make the Kindle not a good gift. I book swap with friends and if my kids were to get me a Kindle, I'd love it! Just because we read the 'hard copy' books doesn't mean that we wouldn't find use for the Kindle. If you can afford one for your Mom, I say go for it.



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what about getting matching mother and daughter rings/necklaces. I am sure she will love that!




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How about a bingo package? I think you can order one online.


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I gave my Mom pearl earrings for her 60th. I seemed to remember her saying she always wanted some (years earlier).

Has your Mom ever wished for anything? Jewelry? A spa retreat? A trip to a writer's workshop? You know....anything she wished for but didn't do because she was busy mom-ing & wife-ing.

If not, there is LOTS of pretty hand-made "mother's jewelry" on Etsy. You could get her something hand-stamped in silver w/ the names of her grandkids.



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Hi Mama-
Not sure about alot of ideas, but my mom always appreciates the spa treatment. My sisters and I go in on either a spa day or one of those hot stone massages with a reflexology and pedicure. She LOVES it. I think it costs us about $50-$60 each, and all you have to do is drive to the salon and purchase the certificate.
-E. M



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It depends on what she is into- I got my mom a wine club membership for her last birthday but she loves wine- A massage, day spa certificate could be nice or maybe just pick a night where the two of you go out to dinner.

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