My Milk Just Came In... Could I Be Pregnant?

Updated on June 28, 2011
B.R. asks from Millville, UT
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My breasts have been really sore for the last week or so. Today I looked into it a little bit, and I have milk. I've taken a couple pregnancy tests, and they've come back negative, but I'm not supposed to start my period until this weekend. Has anyone heard of this before?
A little background... with my first I remember how intense the pain in my breasts were in the beginning and I remember everyone saying that they never had pain like that in the beginning. I didn't know better at the time but the doctor told me that my milk was in the day he was born. I guess because of naivety I could easily have had milk the whole time I was pregnant last time. But getting pregnant hasn't been easy for us before and so far we haven't started fertility yet. Would there be another reason for my milk to suddenly come back? I stopped bf my son at 9 months, but my milk stayed for 10 months after, so I've been without milk for about 8 months now. It's sure hard not to get my hopes up!

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So What Happened?

My period did start so it looks like pregnancy is not the answer. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and the nurse told me on the phone that it is a prolactin issue. I'm really hoping that this will clear a lot of "issues" that I have up and won't turn into a lifetime of questions that can't be answered. I can say that it is not very fun to be engorged for no reason. A big thank you to all that responded. I'm so thankful for this community.
... All tests came back normal. Unfortunately the doctor doesn't have an answer.

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answers from Minneapolis on

How much milk do you have? I had a little bit of milk for almost three years after stopping breastfeeding my daughter.

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I am sorry to say that I can't see lactation as a sign of pregnancy this early. But I would say you may want to get your hormone levels checked. Not having your milk dry up for 10 months after nursing is a long time, and it may be an indication that some things are a little out of whack. That could also make conceiving difficult. I think the presence of milk is more likely a side effect of whatever is causing your infertility than a sign of pregnancy. I would get an appt with your doc. Hope you get it straightened out soon.

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answers from Phoenix on

You are likely not pregnant but rather have high prolactin (a hormone that is necessary to lactate). Please see a Dr soon as this can be a sign of pituitary tumor. There are other causes of nipple discharge as well. Don't panic, just make an appt. High prolactin is also a cause of infertility. Check out this website to learn more about hyperprolactinemia and galactorreah (production of milk without being pregnant or recently delivered): Nurse-Midwife Mom of 3

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I am nowhere near an LC nor would I ever purport to be one BUT...when I was taking my nursing classes while pregnant with my first child, the LC told us how some women could just "will themselves" to lactate again. She said this mostly because one mother-to-be brought her mom and the LC got so excited at the possibility that if mom couldn't nurse then grandma could step in. She was being serious.

So...that being said, I do not know for certain if it is true that some people can just 'lactate at will' but if you're really, really wanting to be pregnant I suppose it is possible. I could be wrong, wrong, wrong - just relaying what the IBCLC told us at the nursing classes.

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answers from Provo on

Since having my first baby, I always have a little bit of milk. I always joke that I could be a really great wet nurse because of it. I don't have so much that I could pump and actually get any out, but just that I notice I could squeeze my nipple and some comes to the surface. And that I am pretty sure if I started pumping, my body would produce more.
So yes while I am pregnant, I have milk and it does leak a little. Never thought that it could be something wrong, I suppose that Rachel C may be on to something and it might be worth checking in to it.
good luck,

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answers from Denver on

I agree with the high prolactin or possible pituitary tumor (which by the way is common and no big deal (take some medication to shrink it)). I started lactating at 27 (when not pregnant) due to a pituitary tumor. I was on medication so that my prolactin level would stabilize... Got pregnant the first month we tried. Three babies later I have no issues. Hormones are weird and you may need to explore with an endocrinologist ..... Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

If it's only been 8 months, I'm willing to bet it's just a hormonal thing. You could go to the Dr. and get a blood test, but I've never heard of milk happening even before an at home test became positive. I would call your Dr.



answers from Pittsburgh on

The milk during pregnancy seems odd to me. But I'm not a doctor.

You probably need to call your doctor to discuss this.


answers from Washington DC on

that's odd....milk....haven't had that...I had tender breasts but never had milk...

I would call my OB/GYN and get a blood test to confirm and to let them know you are lactating again....

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