My Little Girl Lost Her Blankie.. and I'M the One Freaking. HELP.

Updated on August 16, 2011
M.M. asks from Lake Charles, LA
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We just flew to see family and my husband left blankie on the plane. GASP. Now, blankie is EVERYTHING to my amazing little girl, at home she knows where it is at all times. I literally have to trick her into washing it and she cries for about 20 minutes. Can't sleep without it! SO. Lemonade got on blankie during the plane ride and dad decided to stick it under the seat (it was a HOT plane) and it apparently got left. She asked for it a few times from the airport to my MIL's but we said "blankie is dirty you can have it later" WELL.. blankie is gone. When I found out (after being the only one concerned enough to search) I almost lost it emotionally. I feel like I totally failed her and forced her to part with something so basic, so great of a comfort and it's KILLING me. She's been SO distracted she's only asked for it once, at bedtime tonight, and my hubby said "here, here's blankie" which was a soft one that my MIL put in her pack and play. I don't know if it's because I'm pregnant but when I think about it I seriously want to CRY and I feel so ridiculous. It pisses me off that everyone is just like "oh well.." um NO. NOT OH WELL! Am I seriously more hurt and effected by this than my own little girl?! I wanted her to have blankie to give to HER kids.. now that's not gonna happen and I'm seriously wondering if I'm crazy for even caring..

Oh, and I have the number for Continental's lost and found, we'll be going back through in a few weeks to go home so there's a small chance they have it.. I'll call tomorrow.. but I guess I'm being emotional and in a "worst case scenario" mood.. ugh.

So, am I crazy?!

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answers from Richmond on

My son's blankie is literally loved to shreds... I would go to the end of the earth and back to find that damn thing it was lost! I totally understand.

Good luck :)

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answers from Springfield on

I guess I can't completely relate, because my parents didn't really keep anything from my childhood - except pictures, I guess. My MIL thinks that is so sad, but I don't feel a loss.

I've watched my boys as they've found certain things (a teddy bear or a blanket) that they love, and I've watched as they've lost interest.

She might miss the blanket, but you'd really be doing her a favor by helping her to cope without it. She's going to lose toys, she's going to grow out of her favorite sweatshirt. Help her learn how to cope.

Personally, I'd celebrate if she is ok in the morning. My 5 year old is absolutely obsessed with a particular pair of jeans. He wears them everyday. He gets so mad at me when I have to wash them. He is not wearing them to school next week, but we've talked about that. Hopefully we'll survive that first morning without a fight!

She's going to be just fine!

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answers from Medford on

No youre not crazy. Just a really caring tenderhearted M.. You know how much it means to her and how sad she will be when she really realizes it is gone. Our blankies were special too. My son came home from the hospital wrapped in his. He then got to pick out the one we brought his sister home in 6 years later. I saved them both. I know how you feel but if you cant get it back, you will have to get over it without making your girl too sad and upset. Call tomorrow and ask if theres a way to track it down. Maybe youll get lukcy.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Aw honey you are ok and not crazy! You are such a sweet mama!
First of all, it will be okay.
Second of all, you are doing all the right things.
It's okay to be upset and you did not fail her.
I think calling the airlines is just fine and you might get it back.
If she asks for it, tell her you are looking for it.
Give her a substitute in the meantime and I think you may find it.
Stranger things have happened.
Don't stress out too much. You are pregnant and everything will be okay!
I wish you luck in getting it back! Sending out the good vibes!
Hang in there mama, take a deep breath and visualize yourself getting it back from the airlines. :) Best to you!

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answers from Dallas on

My DD's blankie is her best friend so I can completely understand where you are coming from! I would FREAK OUT!! It's full of holes and is the ugliest thing in this world, but it's hers and she loves it to pieces (literally).
Hopefully they'll find it, but if she's ok, then good. If not, :(. I feel your pain.

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answers from Columbus on

You are not crazy. Two weeks ago I sat in my car crying because we couldn't track down our kids' Nintendo DS. Seriously.

If you knew that it was a toy that the kids bought it themselves. And if you knew that they sold all their old baby toys to get it. (Having to part with old toys is not an easy task, so you can guess how much they wanted this game) And if you knew how well the two were taking turns and sharing it. And if you knew how they lost it. (We were standing in line at a children's health fair - the kids were being sooo good and patient in those long lines and my older girl ONLY put it down to cover her ears. She knew little Sam was going to get a finger prick for a lead test and didn't want to hear him cry) And that's how it happened. Gone.

I went back to that medical pavillion three times. The second time I was by myself so I had a good - well deserved - cry in the parking lot. It meant so much more to our kids than just some old electronic game. I know it's not the same as that cherished lovey. My son has one he still sleeps with and must have to do so. I can't imagine how upset he'd be if "Buddy" went away.

Everyone has posted some good suggestions. I like that the lovey went on a trip too. But maybe once she gets her barings she can help pick out another lovey to take it's place.

Good luck. I know your heart is breaking.

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answers from Austin on

We never want our children to be upset, distressed or hurt.
This was not anything done on purpose. It was an accident.

Your child is still very young and yes, she may be upset for a while, but most of her emotions are going to feed off of the adults around her.

You are doing what you can to recover blankie, so it is not like you have given up.

And yes, you are an emotional pregnant mom and feel like daughter is going to be heartbroken, but these things happen and will continue to happen all through her childhood and then even as she becomes an adult..

As parents we have to help our children learn to deal with disappointment. And so it falls on us to model the coping skills and the the behaviors your daughter will need to learn, so she can have the tools in the future..

Maybe you and your husband can think up a story to tell her how "blankie is on a trip". Until you know for sure it is not going to be found..

If it is not found.. it is time to talk about loss, losing things, mistakes.. etc.. on her level.. She will be able to handle the truth in the end..

Who knows, it could appear and all will be well?

If you cannot handle this, get your husband to deal with this..Try not to add to the motions your daughter will have.. This is one of the hardest parts for moms. We want to save the day and protect our babies, but heart break is part of life..

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answers from Detroit on

No, you are not being crazy! It's heartbreaking but I can assure you, as the now grown child of the mom who lost my "lovey" one day at the mall when I was 3, your daughter will be fine and will grow up to be a normal, well-adjusted adult. My mom had been shopping at the mall, I had fallen asleep in the stroller, and somehow, Wally the Walrus fell out along the way, never to be seen again. My mom said I was upset for maybe 2 or 3 days, and then I was over it. However, she continued to buy me stuffed-toy walruses until I was in my 30s, trying to make up for it. Talk about guilt!

It's hard when it's something that holds such sentimental value, but realize that it is highly unlikely Blankie would have been passed on to your daughter's kids. Either Blankie would not have survived or your grandchildren will end up picking out their own loveys. She'll be fine. Just like my mom, you are taking it harder than she is. And, not to discount your feelings, but you are probably more than a little hormonal right now. Don't beat yourself up over this, it was an accident and as long as your daughter does not see you getting overly emotionally upset over it, she'll learn that she'll be okay too.

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answers from Washington DC on

We lost Lovie when my daughter was 2.
Mom told me she got it at Walmart so we went to replace Lovie, I found it among many others I turned all the others around and set "Lovie" right in front where she could see it and said "OH LOOKIE!!! They cleaned and washed Lovie and put her in a box just for you."
My daughter is 16 and still sleeps with Lovie. I also have three extras that I found at garage sales in the closet just in case. They're still there.



answers from Victoria on

Same thing happened to me with BOTH of my girls. My first daughter lost hers at wal mart- we never found it but I took her to pick out a new one. It took a few days but she warmed up to it... but it was never quite the same. My other daughter lost hers at Kohls and hardly slept for 2 nights! A replacement wasnt good enough for her LOL... Her original blankie was made by carters and discontinued. I found a brand new one on Ebay for 30.00 GASP (the original was prob less than 10.00) and I paid overnight shipping for another 25.00. That was about 3 years ago and that 55.00 prize is sitting on the couch right now with my now 5 year old.... I WILL NOT lose this one!!
I feel your pain and the "guilt" will pass but I still think about my oldest daughters first blankie and wish I had it to save for her...

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