My Kids Found a 3 Day Old Kitten in an Alley

Updated on April 15, 2009
A.W. asks from Arlington, TX
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May be older or younger but the eyes are closed and so tiny! I am not an animal person but my daughter is. She has been loving this cat all night. I called animal control but just got a voice mail. I know it is hungry and we have just regular warm milk. I was told it needs special milk and bunch of other stuff but its late and they found it about 8:00. So here I am with this lil kitten and our milk is NOT what it needs. We have it wrapped up in a blanket and my daughter is crying that she wants to keep it....I dont want to come home tomorrow and its not alive any more..I have no clue what to do.....If we do decide to keep it....what do I do??? I dont want to take it somewhere where they will let it die.......Im so at a loss and a t the same time I have this lil girl that loves it so much and is sleeping next to it and waking up each time it cries...please

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In all reality by the time you get my message the kitten may be dead. My mother ran over a mother kitten last year and I took the three kittens to feed, as they need fed every three to four hours. It was definitely a full time job. I do actually have some kitten formula left if you live in the 76179 area.
But as far as caring for this kitten it is going to be difficult. Firt you have to get a kitten bottle. Secondly you have to force it to take the nipple and that is the hardest part. The kitten needs to drink at least one oz. every three hours or it will become dehydrated. This can actually happen very quickly. All three of the kittens I took lived UNTIL I started weening them to solid food. During that time I cut back on the formula feedings and suddenly I had my best eating kitten lethargic and non-responsive. By the time I took the kitten into the vet, it was too late and the kitten had to be put to sleep. I had been feeding these kittens for over 6 weeks and suddenly lost what I thought was the healthiest one!
It's very hard to keep them alive at this young age and it's not a job for a child. You will have to be committed to the feedings and you MUST make the kitten urinate and poo manually. There are plenty of websites to help in that area as well, as it's not an easy task at first.
I hope the kitten survives. I felt a great sense of accomplishment after saving even just the two kittens, but it was a ton of work.
Also, don't forget to keep the kitten warm with a heating pad. Stroke it often on the back of it's neck with a warm wet washcloth so simulate a mother cleaning her kitten.
I wish you the best of luck.

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Immediately give it the regular milk, the regular milk will not hur it, it's just that the cat cannot live on that and grow with regular milk as it's main source of nutrition. Just as you are not supposed to give regular milk to a child under one, it does not contain all of the nutrition that they need, but if you were stuck on somewhere for a day, and all you had was regular milk, you would certainly give it to them so they didn't starve to death. So, that being said, give the cat the regular milk until you can get somewhere tomorrow to get the special kitten formula. It can be found at most petstores. Keep the cat, kids need a pet. It is good for them. Cats are the easiest pets to have anyways, much better than a puppy. You may have to feed the cat the milk with a medicine dropper or something, they can't really drink it themselves. Actually at the petstore, close to the kitten formula, they should have tiny little bottles that you will need to feed the cat. They suck out of a bottle like a baby. You can take it to the vet, but they won't help you because he is too young. They will tell you to just take it home, take care of it as best you can, but it is so young that it's chances are not good. You may have a sad little girl on your hands, the kitten will unfortunately probably die, I sure hope not though. Get the formula and the bottle tomorrow. Try your best to get some milk in him tonight, there is no tellin how long he has gone since his last feeding already. If you leave that cat all day tomorrow, he will likely die. Just like a 3 day old baby probably would.


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Not sure what time you wrote this or if it's still a concern, hopefully the vet's office has called you back. If the eyes are still close you should use a dropper to feed the kitten, warm the milk a little...

On a separate note, usually a momma cat won't leave her kitten unless she knows there is something wrong with it and probably won't make it. I grew up on a farm and we had lots of cats. The mother keeps them very protected unless there is something wrong with them at that age. I'm not going to gross you out, but there might be something wrong with the kitten and that is why they found her.

I would prepare your daughter for the worse and pray for the best. Let her know that the kitten is very tiny and when babies are that tiny they need their mother to take care of them. Let her know it's hard for them to survive without their mommy. So join hands with your daughter and pray over the kitten. Pray that God will do what's best for this kitten, not to survive but what is best for the kitten.

God Bless You! You are a good momma!



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Make sure you feed the kitten while he is on his tummy. Don't lay him on his back to feed him or he will suffocate on the milk. I hope everything works out. Please let us know.



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I adopted a kitten from a shelter, only to discover she was very very young. I had to get a bottle & the kitten formula (Walmrt had the stuff) & feed her every couple of hours, just like a baby. I also had to help her potty...wiping her bum with a soft wet cloth to stimulate her. She needed constant care, just like a baby. When I had to work, I'd take her to my mother's to be babysat. It was work for awhile, but she grew into a happy, healthy & very loving cat. Her name was initially Matty, but she was so tiny everyone called her Baby Kitty & it stuck. She's 10 years old now & still answers to Baby Kitty. :)

Good luck!



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I would put up signs, maybe even on doors, immediately to see if a mommy cat is missing a kitten just in case someone elses child accidently took it away from her.

In the meantime I would...

Get kitten formula.
They sell kitten formula in the store and look for bottle or dropper to feed it with.
Get her a box/basket and towel or baby blanket, and keep her in a warm place, not near or on a tile floor.
Get a wind up clock and put it in with her.
good luck


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There are kitten rehabilitators who do nothing but help baby kittens survive. If the kitten is still alive when you read this, message me right away and I'll get you in touch with one.

Or go to this link and contact the one closest to you --- if they can't help you directly, they may have numbers of kitten rehabilitators who will come get the kitten and help it survive:



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There is much more to it than just feeding a new born kitten. You need to take her to a vet if she is still alive or find someone knowledgeable if you want her to survive. Try calling some rescues. She needs to fed and stimulated to relieve herself often.

I could not type out all that needs to be done with a kitten that young.



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My kids have fed baby kittens with a doll bottle and milk from a carton at the grocery store. I wouldn't worry about (special) . Who knows if you did everything, if it would be just fine or not make it. It will be very sad of course if it doesn't , but sorry ,with kids and pets sometimes this just happens. They will have loved something which is great, and they can love an animal again sometime, it takes a bit to get over it, of course, and we hope this one makes it. But this is just part of it,sad as it sounds.

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