My Kids Are Driving Me Nuts, Need Out of the House, Any Ideas?

Updated on June 15, 2011
J.X. asks from San Clemente, CA
5 answers

Well, we are on a spending freeze for the next two weeks or so, I have no energy for a park (mobile baby needs too much tending too). I have headache brewing, but staying home sounds quite exhausting. My baby has been a terrible napper this week, my husband working late, and I just need to go somewhere! Any ideas?
I have two girls age 10 months and 3.5 years. I can spend some $, but very little. Ideas?

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Go to the library! I take my kids (DD 3 yr, DS 19 months) to different libraries all throughout the week and rarely for the story times, it's just to hang out and get out of the house without spending money. Most of the libraries in my area are very nice with play areas for the kids. Its great because you can put your 10 month old down and let your 3 yr old look at some picture books.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Is it warm enough for a wading pool?

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Check out or & search your city for FREE things to do.

In a pinch--LIBRARY! (Go to a new O. in a neighboring community for some change!)



answers from Chicago on

Give them a paint brush and a bucket of water and have them "paint" the deck, fence or driveway. It is amazing how long this will keep them busy!



answers from Seattle on

Why dont you just go for a walk? It's low key you can put the baby in the stroller and that will probably make her drift off to sleep.
Then your older girl can walk too, and explore a little. And the exercise will help your headache go away. Fresh air would be good for all.

Like others said the library is good.
What about a friends house?
Or if all else fails, McDonald's play place lol

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