My Husband Smells Funny

Updated on August 08, 2009
S.L. asks from Boise, ID
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My husband used to smell good to me. You know, pheromones or whatever it is. I remember some of my college roommate's boyfriends smelling bad to me; I wasn't attracted to them in the least!

But in the past few months, my husband doesn't smell good anymore. It's not just his breath, but the good smell is gone and everything about him smells bad to me.

Has anyone had this experience? Is it because he's getting older (by no means old, he's almost 32, just oldER) or could it be me? I'm 5 months pregnant, but this is my third, and it didn't happen in either of my earlier pregnancies.

And is there anything I can do aside from making him wear cologne? (I haven't breathed a word of this to him, of course!)

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answers from Salt Lake City on

I'm sorry to admit that I snickered just a little. And the first thing I wondered was if there was any chance that you were pregnant. Since you are, I think it's very likely that the pregnancy has something to do with it. I didn't like the smell of a lot of things while I was pregnant with my triplets. However, there is also the real possibility that your husband could have a medical problem. My oldest child "smells weird" to me when he has a fever. And I always know when my kids have strep because that has a distinct odor to me as well. My father-in-law is a doctor and he thinks I'm crazy... But every time I say that one of the kids has strep, I'm right! He has quit arguing with me! Could your hubby have a sinus infection or something?



answers from Provo on

Blame it on the pregnancy. At one time I couldn't kiss my husband on the mouth because it meant I would get close enough to smell his spit! I tried to be open about what was happening, and we would laugh about it together until it went away (weeks later).



answers from Salt Lake City on

You can probably blame it on hormones, pregnancy is different each time and this time things smell. I've had even favorite things smell bad, and toothpaste made me gag.

I would mention it to him, without blaming him but to explain why you are acting differently toward him. He needs to know that there is a reason for your change in attitude. I probably would not suggest cologne, it might just make it worse.

good luck


answers from Pocatello on

IT's totally because you are pregnant. the same thing happened to me when I was pregnant with my first daughter. As funny as it sounds I couldn't stand the smell of his armpits. He never had BO, it was just the smell of his deodorant mixed with his normal body smell. It's really funny now but at the time it made me so sick. But with my second pregnancy I didn't have anything like that happen. So just because it didn't happen with your other pregnancys doesn't mean anything. Just try to bear it and it will go away soon and he will smell good to you again.

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