My Husband Is Looking for a Job

Updated on January 02, 2007
T.C. asks from Fort Worth, TX
4 answers

Hi everyone. My husband was recently laid off from his job of 5 years at a bank. They closed his branch and though he has received a good severance package, he is wanting to find something soon so that we can put some money in savings and payoff our bills with the severance money. Not to mention we need insurance. He doesn't really want to do banking anymore, but he's not sure what he wants to do. He has management experience and was with the bank for 5 years. Anyone have any suggestions or leads? Thanks everyone and happy new year!! :-)

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answers from Odessa on

i'd look into the title business. :o)



answers from Dallas on

The other post below was referring to Countrywide on Beach & Sandshell in NFW. It is next to Motorola and from what I've heard, always hiring people with banking, mortgage, etc experience. Good luck.


answers from Dallas on

Try a mortgage company. Same but different than banking. What's the name of that big one over by Motorola on North Beach Street?



answers from Dallas on

My husband works in management for Wole Fods. It is a great company to work for. The benifets are awsome. Your husband can go to the Whole Foods website and fill out an application there. It does take a few weeks for the hiring process, but it's well worth it. Hope this helps!

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