My Heart Is Racing...

Updated on October 27, 2014
G.H. asks from Hibbing, MN
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Hi moms...for the last 2 days i've had a feeling that my heart is racing, kindaof like the feeling when u get startled and ur heart feels like it's going to jump out of ur chest?? I went to the doc. he said everything sounded normal, my pulse rate was higher than it normally is, but that's all he could find, they took some blood but won't find anything out till Mon. I'm also extremely tired, can't get off the couch, weak, a bit shaky...has anyone experienced this at all?? Just lookin gfor some answers:)

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So What Happened?

I went to the doc. twice, and found the problem, my Sodium is low in my blood!! So I have to cut back on the amt. of water that I drink, I don't even drink all that much, but still have to cut back, so the "crase" of drink, drink, drink isn't always a good thing!!

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answers from Milwaukee on

Hi Gina -

That sounds like a thyroid issue to me. I am hypothyroid, but after the birth of my son my thyroid swung the other way (hyperthyroid) and they had to cut my medication down. I was having the same symptoms as you are experiencing. I'd have them draw blood and check your T4 and T3 levels.

Common symptoms and signs of hyperthyroidism

* Fast heart rate
* Muscle weakness
* Nervousness
* Palpitations
* Trembling hands
* Fatigue
* Increased bowel movements
* Breathlessness
* Insomnia
* Heat intolerance
* Weight loss
* Light or absent menstrual periods
* Warm moist skin
* Hair loss
* Staring gaze

I got these off an endocrine web site. Hope this helps.

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answers from La Crosse on

I had those same symptoms a few months ago. I went to the dr and they did blood tests too. I ended up having Graves Disease which is a type of hyperthyroidism. She put me on medicine and my symptoms have almost went away. I also had hand tremors. Could be anything, but it sounds like what I have. Good luck!

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It could be your thyroid, but I have this on and off and I attributed it to generalized anxiety disorder. I was diagnosed with GAD and depression 5 or so years ago and the symptoms come and go, but seem to be more frequent when I haven't had much sleep. It's mostly like the racing heart and sometimes I short of breath for no apparent reason (it's rarely as bad as a panic attack for me). I stopped taking anti-depressants/anti-anxiety meds when I was pregnant and have been able to manage my symptoms without meds by taking cod liver oil every day (it's not so bad, I promise!) and using light therapy in the colder months (Feel Bright Light visor). Hope this helps!

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answers from Boston on

Wow. The answers are great. I have the same symptoms and I also have thyroid issues. I will make sure to keep taking my thyroid meds regularly.

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