My Gym or the Little Gym Birthday Party

Updated on January 18, 2011
D.M. asks from Garland, TX
4 answers

What are/were your experiences at My Gym or The Little Gym birthday parties? Is one better than the other? (My son is turning 3 years old.)

Thank you!

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answers from Chicago on

We recently went to a party at My Gym. My almost 3 yo LOVED it. I thought it was fantastic too!



answers from Dallas on

I would recommend taking your son to an introductory class at both places so you can get a feel for the facility and the staff. We haven't been to a birthday party at either My Gym or Little Gym but I took my son to the intro classes at both and thought Little Gym (in Plano) was nicer and their staff was really friendly.


answers from Los Angeles on

My Gym is way better in my experiences with both. I was disappointed with The Little Gym so was my son. I've had several with My Gym. Good luck!


answers from Orlando on

I worked at 2 different The Little Gyms for many years, so obvisouly I am partial. I don't think that anything compares to a The Little Gym Awesome Birthday Bash. They have also been top rated by Parents magazine as best birthday party of the year for 2009 and 2010. :)

I would go with The Little Gym, perfect for a 3 year old. They also do a free introductory class, which I would suggest doing the week of/before his party so that he is a little more used to the facility before going for his birthday party.

For how the party runs (at least the the ones I have been too, there is a basic formula for TLG) the first 10 minutes or so are free play so that the kids that come a little late don't feel like they missed anything. Then they do an opening circle (saying names, rules, singing happy birthday, etc) then a warm up on the big red mat, followed by about 45 minutes of games and activites that you pick or your birthday coordinator picks for you. This can be scarves, sticks, parachute, playing on the equiptment, using the airtrack (this is basically the bottom of a bounce house, so fun! some gyms call it a tumble track), whale rides, or anything else you can think of. Then the last half hour of the party is spent in the party/dance/multipurpose room for food, cake, presents, whatever. I know the gyms that I worked at were great at incoporating a theme into the party, TLG has lots and lots of themed music and songs that can be used during the party. Firefighters and Pirates were two of my favorites and would be great for a 3 year old boy. You can also add on extra time or goodie bags if you need. Each gym offers things a little bit different but it is usually 1 1/2 hours private gym time, a t-shirt for the birthday child, balloons for each child, and 2-3 instructors to lead the fun!

I really don't know much about My Gym except the one by me is DIRTY. I'm sure (hopefully) that does not apply to all of them. I don't know anything about their birthday parties.

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