My First Ultrasound with My Second Pregnancy!

Updated on May 17, 2007
A.S. asks from Carson City, NV
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I just had my first vaginal ultrasound with my second pregnancy and found out I'm 5 weeks and 5 days pregnant with twins, yes that's right twins. My son is only going to be 2 and half when they are born and i'm at a loss as to what to feel or think. Obviously i'm excited and happy but scared and numb at the same time. Any advice? anyone with twins and a sibling with suggestions or advice???

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So What Happened?

Thank you to everyone!!! Yes, I'm going to find out what the sex's are, I want to decorate accordingly before they come so they have a beautiful place for themselves as well as to help my son in getting us all prepared. Last night we started explaining to Gunner, our 23 month old son, about the babies in my belly, since i'm huge now, and he rubbedmy belly and said baby and gave my belly button a kiss. It was soooo cute, so we are just going to have him watch everything and help with everything, hopefully we will have a wonderful transition. Thank you to everyone, and I'll keep you all posted as we get closer!!!!

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My friend just had twin girls in Feb. and her son had just turned 3. I was talking to her last night and she ws telling me a little of how hard it was at first. Based on what she was saying, hears my advice:
1) Get a support team ready FAR before your due date. She thought "I'm the mom! I can do it ALL by myself." She has just excepted help during these last 3 weeks. She realized that she didn't have enough time to give all 3 the attention they needed with out help. Recruit friends, family, church members, neighbors... you name it, they'll WANT to help. Twins are (unfortunately, because it shouldn't feel like a circus act) such a novelty, people will GLADY help, just to be able to see them.
2) Email the big companies now and ask if samples can be sent near your due date. Or at least start collecting the company emails to send it 2-4 weeks before you're due. Her OB knew the Emfmil Rep, and was able to get 2 cases of premade bottlles delivered to her home right before the babies got to come home. She has now contacted Gerber, Beechnut, Pampers, Huggies, and I don't recall whom all else. EVERYONE has sent bulk quanties of sample to her.
3) Get some group (our church does it) to bring you meals at least 3-4 times a week during the first 2 months. Her girls were a little premature and she wishes that they would have started bringing the meals when the girls came home, mostly because trying to get them on a schedule that allowed for her to cook dinner was VERY hard. If a group to bring you meals isn't an option, contact aPampered Chef Consultant to teach you "Power Cooking" where you make most of 14-16 meals in a couple of hours during the weekend, then store it in the freezer until you're ready to finish the meal. If you need help finding a PCC that is trained in Power Cookiing (not all are) let me know, I can give you my friends info.
4) Prepare yourself for the reality that you will likely be sent home before the twins, AND that the twins may come home seperately.
Other than this, just remember how tired you were with one, and relize two is 1 3/4 (not quite twice) the work. She couldn't nurse her twins because of some medication she had to start when they were born, so she uses a full CAN of powdered forula each day. She also uses 2 "96 packs" of diapers a week. It will be an exusting, challenging, JOYUS advanture for you, Hubby, AND Gunner. Enjoy your little blessings! ~J

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Hi A.. You are going to have your hands full but you will be so happy! My twin daughters are five months old today and it is pure joy. Our son is 7 so that is a little bit of an easier age to introduce a sibling, so I would recommend saving up to arrange for at least household help and/or an extra set of arms once or twice per week. You can get a mommy's helper for 10-12 dollars an hour and IT IS WORTH IT!

Yes, its hard, exhausting and challenging and I can't seem to lose the baby belly (lol), but as I told my husband recently, we are truly blessed to bring such joy to the world is such a little packet because NO Matter where we go, at least 15 people smile just from looking at our beautiful babies--they don't have to do a thing. There is something very special about twins, they entertain themselves a lot of the time. You are truly blessed. Get a copy of Ready or Not Here we Come! for some helpful hints on surviving the first year.

And join a multiples club. WLAPOM is a great organization if you are on the westside.


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Dont know much about twins, but to prepare your son I would suggest:
Buy t shirt paint and make him a big brother shirt and have him make little brother/sister onesies for the twins.
Also when the twins come home obviously everyone wants to see them, but we had a big brother/sister BBQ. Everyone came over to give the older ones attention and while they were there saw the new addition too.
One last piece of advice someone gave me is, the first time he comes to visit you make sure your not holding the new babies so your arms are free for him, and maybe have the twins give him a small present too. And he could have a small present to give them too.

Best of luck and congrats!

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I have 20 month old twins and am due any minute to have #3! Twins are fun and the relationship they have with each other is incredable, something, I believe, no else gets. Your son will be almost 3 by the time they get here so it will be OK. He'll be walking better, possibly potty trained, and a little more independent then a toddler... It will be a lot of work but you will love it!



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Hi A.,
I can relate to how you feel. I had a 17 month old baby girl and found out I have having twins during an ultra sound for a cyst. I knew I was pregnant but could not believe it was twins. I wasn't even sure I wanted another baby then because I still had a baby at home. Now my twin boys are 2 1/2 and my daughter is 4 1/2. It is sooo much fun, they all get along so great and play so nicely together. My daughter was a big help on bringing me diapers, keeping twins entertained. She is a great big sister.
My advice to you --- get help for the first 3 months if you can afford it. If not, then don't be afraid of asking your family, friends and neighbors for help. Have your Son help you with simple things and this will help him adjust. Sometimes its a simple thing Like hold on to babies toe while I fed him. Sounds silly, but sometimes it will work if your son needs attention when you have 2 babies to feed.
Try to get out with your husband once in awhile, you both will be so tired the first few months its nice to get out and connect again.
I didn't have too many problems with my twin pregnancy. I had some early contractions that were controlled. I was so big (I had only gained 27 lbs, but my stomach was huge) at 35 weeks that the Dr took one look at me and said your having them tonight. So I have a C section which was fine, no complications. Boys were in NICU for 3 nights due to feeding problems but were able to come home with me from the hospital.

P.S. After I gave birth at my 6 week check up my OB told me that she just found out that she was having twins. She said she cried for 2 days. So any feelings you are having are completely normal and they will pass (if they haven't already)
Everyone always asks me "how do you do it?" and I always answer "you just have to" You don't have much of a choice and you take things as they come and do the best you can. :)

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