My Face Is Breaking Out Help!!!

Updated on January 20, 2010
K.D. asks from Paris, TX
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I have always had a good complexing, never had issues about break outs before. For the past two months, the areas around my nose and cheeks have been broken out really bad. I have 3-6 pimples at any given moment. I have tried everything, not wearing makeup, drinking more water, using mild cleaner. Any suggesiton would be helpful.

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So What Happened?

Thanks to everyone for the great advice. I picked up some Benzolyl Peroxide cream, and it has worked great. I've also added a Retin A cream and this has made a huge difference in my skins texture and I've only used it a week. Can't wait to see what a few months will do. Thanks again.

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Hi K.,
I'm in my 40's and have a "issue" with acne that began later in life.
My advice would be to not over clean or scrub your face and use a nice non pore clogging moisturizer even if it goes against what you may feel like doing. Acne can get much worse by irritating the skin so treat it gentle. I use a 10% benzoyl peroxide ointment (Walmart brand) every night on my " problem" areas only after applying a moisturizer. Please apply very lightly and do not rub into the skin. Kind of coating instead of rubbing into the skin. I also started using (a very thin film)of a over the counter retinol cream (Amazon - Afirm by TX system) ever other night in between the moisturizer and benzoyl peroxide because it can be very drying. Works like magic and cheap too considering all the different products out there. I tried it all too. I also switched from using face soap to using Dove soap bar for sensitive skin. I was very nervous about using it but after reading alot of reviews tried it. I wash in the morning and night, that's all. I love it and have had no problems using it.
The trick? You have to keep up the regimen up and not slack. If you start to skip you'll see it. It's the cheapest easiest solution that I've found. Been doing it for a few years now.
Wish you the best,



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Unfortunately acne is a difficult issue without one thing that helps everyone. In premenopausal women, it is not unusual to have a clear adolescence and just have acne later in life, particularly around pregnancy. There are many options for treatment. Benzoyl peroxide is probably the cornerstone of treatment. Topical retinols, such as Retin-A and others, are excellent facial treatments not only for acne but for facial aging. Photodynamic therapy is a good treatment for acne acne. Topical antibiotics can sometimes be helpful. Oral contraceptives can be helpful in women with evidence of hyperandrogenism. I would suggest visiting a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon for evaluation. Remember though - this can be a multi step process and take time to completely treat.

D.J. Verret, MD
Facial Plastic Surgery


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I don't know how old you are but there is a thing called midlife acne. Throws a kink in the works!

Don't over scrub your face and switch to "natural" makeups for sensitive skin. I use no "face" makeup at all, am in my 50's, and I'm gonna just say it......have really fabulous skin! I do get a zit from time to time, which started in my 40's, and is always on my chin. But I use a fabulous skincare system that really puts vitamins into the skin. I also take vitamins because your skin needs it from the inside and the outside.
Let me know if you want more info on the skincare system.



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No suggestions, but I'm in the same boat! I am sooooo frustrated. I've always been the lucky one with the good skin and now to have this happen at this stage in the game is a bit of a shocker!

I've been trying Cetaphil (face wash and moisturizer) at the advisement of my PCP but that does not seem to be working.

She did say that wearing makeup actually HELPS as it acts as a barrier from the daily grime. She also said that we are more inclined to unknowingly touch our faces when there are blemishes there which then creates more. (So true but I can't help it!!!)

I'm to the point where I am looking for a Cosmetic Dermatologist. If anyone knows of a referral I'm all ears!!

- C.



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My face just started breaking out lately-I have always had bad skin but haven't had zits in a while. My face and neck will have 7 zits at a time and it is so embarrassing! Anyway, I was told it was stress hormones causing it plus I started my period in Dec after not having it for 2 yes because of breastfeeding.

Anyway, I broke down and bought the Clinique ance face wash set and after a week my zits cleared up. I have had one here and there but they go away quickly and I only have one at a time-major improvement! I have been using it since Christmas. Plus, you get your money back it it doesn't work even if you use it all.



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Are you pregnany by any chance? Or is this just a random thing that's happening?

I've always had acne. I'm 34, and I still have to deal with them.

If you are pregnant, really the only thing you can use is Benzyl Peroxide (nothing with salicylic acid).

I started using one of Kiehl's cleansers (
It's pretty much a standard birthday/Christmas present from my husband now.

There's a prescription called Benzaclin that I really liked, but it bleaches and can't be used during pregnancy.

Unfortunately, a lot of acne is genetic and hormonal. No matter what you do, you're going to have them (mine are cystic, deep and very painful). You can get generic antibiotics, too, that can help with the bacteria that cause the infections.



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Hi K.,

Have you ever heard of NuSkin Products? I've been using them for 21 years, and would never put anything else on my face. I'm glad that you found something. If you would like to get more information about this company, check out my website at The products are all natural, and the Galvanic Spa will make your face look amazing, in just 10 minutes. My contact information is on my website, in case you would like to contact me with any questions. M.


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Hi K.,
I use the same products that Patty W told you about. They are amazing! People think I am at least 10 younger than I am. My skin was a disaster before I started using them. The supplements that balance your hormones also help.
I have rarely gotten a pimple in the last 15 years that I have used these products.

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