My Eye Is Bothering Me, Allergies?

Updated on April 17, 2010
C.S. asks from Salisbury, NC
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For the past 2 days my right eye has really been bothering me. I get a tickling feeling off and on on my eyeball near my pupil. It is also red in the same area. I don't have any gunk in my eye like you get with pink eye. I've had pink eye before, and the feeling is different than that. I took some Benedryl thinking it may be allergies and it didn't help. And no, I don't remember getting anything in my eye.

I was wondering if it could be allergies because I feel pressure in my nose on the same side. I've never had allergy problems, but this spring has been a mess with the pollen and when I'm working in the yard and my eyes and nose get itchy. Has anyone with allergy problems dealt with this sensation in your eye?

I happen to have an eye doctor appointment on Wednesday, should I wait and see what he says, or should I go ASAP and get it checked out?


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answers from San Antonio on

Both of my children get effected in their eyes when their allergies act up. Their eyes are itchy, red and become swollen. This totally sounds like you are being affected by allergies. We just use allergy meds and eye drops (patenol prescribed). The patenol usually helps the itching after about 5 min. or so.

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answers from Raleigh on

Sounds like allergies to me! If they bother you that much before then, call your doctor and ask if they will call in an allergy eye drop. (You may also be able to find one OTC.) They are a God send when your eyes are really bad!

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answers from Raleigh on

It sounds like you are suffering from allergies. My husband didn't have major problems with allergies until a few years ago. Now he feels the irritation I felt through the 20-some years we have been together. I have terrible allergies.

You didn't mention it so I will ask: Do you smoke? If so, this can cause one eye to be inflamed from allergies and not both. I used to smoke tobacco cigarettes and would have that problem off and on. Now, I am off the tobacco cigarettes completely and only use the electronic cigarettes with e-liquid. I've moved completely away from tobacco flavors too. The only thing you inhale with the e-liquid is a water vapor with nicotine in it, not the tar, tobacco, and dust that comes from tobacco cigarettes. I haven't had a true tobacco cigarette since July 7th, 2009. I'm coming up on my first year without a regular cigarette - I just get the nicotine kick and even that has dropped in milligrams since I began using it.

BTW, if the Benadryl isn't working, you can buy the "real" Sudafed at the pharmacy counter. You have to sign for it but you can get the real-deal antihistamine that works better and it's available in 6-hour or 12-hour sustained release. I use a combination between the Sudafed 12-hour and Flonase spray. My eyes stay dry and irritated much of the time but it's b/c I have Sjogren's disease, which causes the tear ducts not to work right as well as the salivary glands in the mouth. I use Refresh Liqu-Gel liquid eye drops to keep my eyes moist and a pill I take, which is usually prescribed for cancer patients but works for those with Sjogren's disease. I also have lupus but the Sjogren's is what causes the irritation in my eyes on top of the allergies.

Hope this helps. If I were you, I'd pick up a pack of Sudafed and give it a go. It might help with the irritation in your eye at least until you can see your doctor.

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answers from Austin on

It sounds like allergies to me, too. If for some reason your vision becomes blurred, of course you should go in. But I think you will be ok.

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answers from Charlotte on

Go get your eye checked out - could be allergies, could be that you scratched your cornea. Impossible to know without the doc checking.

So sorry - feel better!

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answers from Nashville on

I sometimes have that feeling in my eye. It goes away by the next day. I just put eye drops in it and put a cold or really warm wash cloth on it until it stops feeling weird or itching. I wouldn't go any earlier to the doc but make sure to tell them the feeling. Try taking a Claritin or Zyrtec. I didn't have allergies until almost 30 and now they are really bad, they seem to come with age! Good luck



answers from Wilmington on

Sounds like allergies....just ask at your dr. appt. They can check it then and put some antibiotic drops in it as a precaution. There are now eye drops such as Allaway and Claritan for allergy eye issues. This happened to me last season really bad so have had experience with it. My eyes watered so much that my undereye circle area got dry and scaley looking. Eye Dr and dermatologist both said it was due to allergies.. Make sure you are showering after you come in from working outside. My son is having problems and nothing seems to be helping his allergies....also wear a mask if outside. He has tried Zyrtec and that isn't helping either... Hope this helps. Know you aren't alone is this fight!



answers from Memphis on

I work for an optometrist here and I can tell you that if you are having difficulty with your vision, see them immediately. Otherwise, it sounds like you might have scratched your eye (a eyelash could have done it) or you may be have issues with allergies. Seeing the eye dr vs family dr is the right thing to do. If it is really a bother call monday and go see them or most of the Optometrists here take walk-ins. You just may have to wait a bit longer.



answers from Huntington on

Sounds like allergies. I take several things, but specifically Pataday for my eyes. I LOVE it. I have severe allergy eyes and it does the trick. Your eye doctor could prescribe, but you probably need an antihistimine (I'd try Claritin or Zyrtec), too.

Best wishes!



answers from Greensboro on

It could possibly be allergies but the tickling in the pupil makes it sound like it might be something else. Do you have cold sores often or at all? The virus that causes those can also get into your eyes. If your immune system is low and you've had chicken pox in your life, then you can get this stuff in your eyes as well.

If you think that could be possible then L-Lysine will get rid of it. It's an amino acid that is in your body that depletes when your immune system is not working right and replenishing it will get that symptom to go away. YOu can pick it up at the health store. Digestive enzymes will help as well. An absorbable multivitamin/mineral complex (I take one that is guaranteed to absorb) is something you should be on all the time. Whether it is or isn't seasonal allergies, these could be helpful.

God bless,




answers from Casper on

Try some grapeseed extract, you should be able to find it at the grocery store, or an herb shop.