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Updated on September 20, 2010
S.G. asks from Tecumseh, OK
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my ex husband has a serious anger issue. i'm in the process of contacting attorney's to see about taking him to court. My 8 year old daughter has told me for a month now that she really doesn't want to go see him as much as she's being "made to" (her words). mainly because he and his wife fight a lot and yesterday he cussed me out in front of her and called his mom and refered to me in bad language. she was in tears. i confronted him with it on the phone and he started yelling again and said...i told her i'm sorry.

it's getting serious i've called DHS that helped but it's slowly starting to come back and WORSE. i obvioulsy cannot control what he does when i'm not there and i've told my daughter that and i've told her that he is not going to listen to me, but of course she doesn't want to tell him...............she shouldn't have to that's my place but he will not hear it from me

is there a law that protects children in this situation. i'm fixing to hire an attorney but the poor kid is going to be scared for life if it doesn't stop.
jessin i did call DHS on him back in may because not only of the fighting but because he was allowing his wife to shower with my daughter and it took enforcement by DHS to make him and her stop. i've contacted attorney's out the butt because i've been told that this is not legit..however i'm probably going to do jsut that...tell him to take me to court to get her back...because of all this i just don't want to cause HER more problems than she's already got

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So What Happened?

ok guys here's the update, I talked to an attorney last night, and OF COURSE i cannot deny him visitation unless he shows up drunk or drugs or something extremely serious of the nature and right now i look like a beaten angel. HOWEVER, i do have a case and i found an attorney willing to work with me and my budget, so paper's will be drawn up next week at the latest..

as far as counseling for her goes, i've tried that route but because we have joint custody he HAS to agree to it and sign for it before she can be seen. he refused her counseling when i called DHS on him, so yes i'm using that against him and will see if i can't get custody or more say so than what i have without his "approval"

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You are taking the right step by contacting a lawyer. Keep a record of when these types of things happen, and what was said, ect.... Has he ever been violent with her? If so, contact CPS to see if you can stop visitation right away, if not than just let her know you are working on it the best you can. Maybe the lawyer can convince him in a way you can not that he is hurting his child.

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Collect evidence, get a witness when he picks up or drops off. I wonder if you can audio tape him somehow. if he leaves messages for you keep the tape, how often is he supposed to see her and what are the arrangements? I also like the idea of not allowing him to see her and let him take you to court, make sure you have witnesses, and people who have heard your child talk about her visits, maybe she spoke to her teacher? neighbor, friend's mother who could write notes. Tell court you would agree to supervised visits! Take her to a therapist and the therapist will prob tell court he/she recommends supervised visits

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can YOU not call CPS?

or why not just NOT take your daughter to see him right now? If he takes you to court over visitation, you will have your documentation to show the judge why you did not allow visitation.

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