My Ears Are Plugged and Ringing After an Ear Infection..

Updated on March 31, 2010
J.M. asks from Tustin, CA
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Hi Everyone! I've currently been taking antibiotics for an ear infection and my ears are completely blocked, and the ringing sound started yesterday. I came down with the infection on March 23 of 2010. The doctor put me on Augmentin, and ear drops; I have been on them for 5 days. The pain is gone, but I have no hearing in my left ear, and it diminishes everyday since I got the infection on the 23rd. I plan on going to the ENT doctor on Monday because the deafness and ringing is driving me nuts!!!!! It makes it hard to study for school, and to go through the day. Question: For people who have had ear infections in the past, "is it normal to loose hearing and have buzzing after the infection and pain seems to be gone??" Thanks for any help in advance =)

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So What Happened?

Wow!! Thanks to all for the great advice. I'm going to an ENT tomarrow, the 29th, and I will let you know what the Doc says. I just hope that he tells me the infection is gone, and doesn't say you have to live with the clogged ear and buzzing. It's stating to feel permanent; I just don't see how the clogged feeling will just go away after having it now for days : (

So, it's the 29th of March, and I just got back from seeing an ENT doctor. The first doctor I saw, the urgent care doctor said my infection was caused from using a Q-TIP; He was wrong and not very friendly if I may add. If my ear infection was caused by using a Q-TIP I would not have a middle ear infection, and I have been using Q-tips my whole life and this is the first time I have ever gotten an infection, so something doesn't quite add up. 2 weeks ago I was diagnose with strep throat; I have never had strep throat in my life. The virus carries a certain bacteria that makes it easier for mucous to travel to your inner ear. You Eustachian tube which connects the middle ear to the back of the nasal cavities and throat became blocked with mucous (gross) when I was sick, causing my middle ear infection. It's called Otitis Media with effusion (fluid) The doc says since I have never had an ear infection in the past, and I seem healthy overall, to wait it out for one month and to finish up the course of Augmentin antibiotics. If it's not gone within a month the alternative is tubing surgery, but she thinks that it's highly unlikely that it will not go away on its own. She also said surgery will leave scar tissue in the long run, and it could cause future don't want that. Basically, I have to WAIT and see when I can hear again; or rather, when my Eustachian tube becomes unblocked. She also didn't recommend me using any home remedies that involve putting liquid into my ear. Since it's a middle ear infection, you can only treat the problem "internally." Not by drops because the fluid won't be able to reach the middle ear. I will keep you all posted =)

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I agree that going to the chiropractor and getting adjusted may clear that right up! Give it a try.

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I did lose my high-pitched hearing and now have Tinnitus due to 6 illnesses at 1 time. My ears were blocked for 6 months. Our doctor was on leave w/ no backup and I was breastfeeding a baby and 2 little ones. After that, I learned about Grapefruit seed extract which kills any infection and now haven't been sick in 12 years. I wish I knew about it then. It's permanent. I'm just finishing using Quietus, which does help control the ringing, but it cost me a lot to start w/. They say I can get it for less ($30/month?) but someone I know who uses Vemma says a guy she knew who had Tinnitus was using Vemma and after 3 months his ringing completely stopped (it's not curable, but things can help it stop). You can't take his Vemma away. I take a lot of natural things so am never sick but since Vemma is amazing for vitamins, health, etc. etc. and hearing his ringing stopped, I am going to switch to Vemma. Unless you take one of these rememdies to help it, there is way the ringing is going away. Sometimes I think I'd rather be deaf so not to hear it, but that probably is worse. And mine is my phone ear and I have a Mary Kay business. Plus I often don't hear what my kids say, and when I ask them to repeat it, they say "never mind". If you want to contact me w/ more questions, feel free to. I'm so sorry for you.



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Yes iat sometimes happens but it is a good idea to see your dr. Good luck A. no hills





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I am going through the exact thing right now and it is making me crazy. I can't stand it. Everything seems "off" because I can't hear out of my right ear. Good luck!


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Hi J.,

Sorry you're experiencing problems with your ears. Chiropractic adjustments can help to clear any interference and allow for your ears to drain. It is safe and effective without the long term side effects of antibiotics.

While you're experiencing your ear problem, I would suggest you remove dairy from your diet. There is a link to ear infections/fluid and dairy. You may also want to add a probiotic supplement to your diet to replenish the healthy flora in your digestional tract that the antibiotics wiped out.

Hope you feel better soon.



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My husband just had the same thing happen to him. He was deaf and had ringing for about another week after the pain was gone. talk to your doctor, they might change what they have you on...
Good luck



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I had this happen before several years ago and my issue was hearing loss was due to wax build up. Unfortunately, the excessive drainage of the wax (wax build up) was a result of the antibiotics. They had to use a water syringe to get the pieces of ear wax out. I could have made a candle with all that wax! I would, however, suggest you go to the doctor ASAP, as the ringing in your ears could be something else more serious. You certainly don't want to take chances with your ears as sometimes these types of things can result in permanent hearing loss.



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I SO feel for you, I had the same thing happen but not from an infection, it was from when I had tubes put in my ears (to try to help my vertigo problem). It's a very very long story, and I wish I had NEVER had tubes put in. I was left with hearing loss for months, and permanent ringing in one of my ears. I cannot even tell you the whole story, because it's so awful what I have been through because of this, I do not want to make you paranoid.
BUT, I do want to highly encourage you to just bypass your local ENT, mine was totally worthless, and get an appointment ASAP with the House Ear Clinic at USC in downtown Los Angeles. You are close enough geographically. Trust me, it's worth it. They are the best in the world, period. People literally fly in from all over the world to see these doctors. I recommend Dr. Slattery, he has been the most helpful one I have seen so far. Even if your insurance won't cover it, just pay out of pocket. I think they charge $70 for a visit if you are not using you insurance.
If only I had consulted with them first, I would never have gone through what I have been through.
I also want to share that the ear drops could be causing problems for you. Some eardrops are actually ototoxins, meaning they could DAMAGE your hearing. It's unbelievable but true. My local ENT was such an idiot, that he gave me eardrops to put in my ears with the tubes, that can damage the innner ear permanently, and they did, because the hole in my eardrum allowed the liquid to reach the inner ear.
Please feel free to email me if you have questions. I hope you get better without any more meds!



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Saline nasal spray usually helps me whenever my ears feel plugged.



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I had a bad ear infection and I felt like I had thick pillows over both my ears for several weeks; so I think what you are going through is quite normal :( Discuss all your symptoms with the ENT & hopefully there's something you can take or do to diminish them. Hope things get back to normal quickly.



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I had this a few years ago and my ears were blocked for a month and a half after the pain was gone. I did not have ringing, though. Best to have your ENT supervise your recovery. Good luck. I know how annoying it is!



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Had the same thing happen a few months back... I had an ear infection and was on antibiotics, but after the first round of antibiotics, my ears felt blocked (and had on and off ringing). I ended up going to an ENT and he said the infection was gone, but put me on another round of antibiotics... after that round, my ears were better, but not totally clear... ENT had told me that it may take a little while to go away. I decided to wait a week after finishing the 2nd round of antibiotics before going back to the ENT and my ears cleared up in that time.



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yeah its normal. I couldn't hear out of my right ear for a month earlier this year--took 3 antibiotics to clear up the bacterial infection I had in my sinuses etc. and it just took a while for the ear to heal up, I was freaking out too and my sis told me she'd been through it last fall. it sucks--good luck.

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