My Dryer Is GREEN!!

Updated on December 14, 2011
K.B. asks from Beverly Hills, CA
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I need a little help. I did a load of jeans last night and did not realize that someone had a green crayon in their pocket. Nothing happened in the washer, but when I went to take the load out of the dryer, EVERYTHING was green! I'm going to try some color safe bleach on the jeans and keep my fingers crossed. My dilemma is that my dryer is green! How on earth do I get the green off of my dryer?!? I have only tried lysol & a rag and drying a wet towel to get it off. I don't have a steam cycle. I'm afraid to use bleach in case I can't get it entirely off. Help!

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So What Happened?

I should have mentioned, there isn't any wax, only the green color. Weird, I know! I'll keep trying the towels until I can get out and buy some cleaner....I don't care if the dryer stays green forever, as long as my clothes don't turn green! Thanks for all the tips!

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answers from Minneapolis on

lots o work coming your way.
1. Use a old credit card or something like it, to first scrape what you can off the drum.
2. Blow dryer, heat it up as much you can
3. WD-40 on a cloth, wipe wipe wipe keep it up and wipe some more. Be sure to keep a window open or a fan blowing for ventilation.
4. To finish off. Dish washing liquid. If you still find more do again....

I got Red all over everything :)

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answers from Champaign on

We just had this happen with an orange crayon. We used OxyClean stain stick for the clothes - and most of it came out. However, for the dryer, my husband used a bleach spray, got off any thick chuncks of crayon stuck on the dryer and we did several loads of towels, dried on high. We have an orange tint inside the dryer - but nothing came out on the towels.

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answers from Lakeland on

Please be careful with any chemicals in your dryer. A lot of stuff reacts badly to heat.
It is actual crayon or just a green tint inside the drum? The only thing I would say is to put a few wet towels (that can turn green) into the dryer and run it on high heat. Or try to scrape as much of the crayon out as you can.

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answers from St. Louis on

That happened to me once, the best I could do is run an old towel until it was no longer turning green. The wax is a pain in the butt to get off.

Funny that it was also a green crayon.

The inside of the drum was always green, even years later but it didn't stain the clothes which was all I was concerned about.



answers from Honolulu on

Wash an old towel or 3 and put them in the dryer. Set to the highest heat you have. It will melt the crayon onto the towels. Throw away towels (hence why you use old ones).



answers from Memphis on

Been there:( wd40 works just make sure the room is well ventilated! Good luck. Also, mine was green too:)



answers from Bloomington on

If you have anyone around you who is a consultant for Shaklee I believe that their Basic H cleaner will take it off and there stuff is all natural and won't hurt your clothes either. They are great products.

If you don't have someone in your area private mail me and I will put you in touch with my friend who handles it.

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