My Dogs' Shedding Is Out of Control!

Updated on May 17, 2008
A.J. asks from Wickliffe, OH
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Does anyone have any ideas on how to get shedding under control? I have two yellow labs whom I adore, but not so much all their fur fur fur! Any secrets about diet, supplements, lotions, potions...? Thanks!

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So What Happened?

I bought a couple of the rake style brushes and I am seeing less tufts everywhere. I've tried giving them raw egg a few times, they certainly love it! I'll have to see over time if it helps. I do buy dog food with meat as the first ingredient, but I am also supplementing with some daily tablets as well. Thanks for all the suggestions.

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I have three siberian huskies. Trust me nothing is as bad as my house right now! My best suggestion it to go buy a "rake". It is a dog brush that looks more like a rake than a brush. It pulls out all the under coat that is trying to come out. My vet has two labs, and she is the one that told me about it.
Just an f.y.i I bought a dyson vaccuum. I used to go through a new vaccuum every year, and the dyson has withstood my three monsters!

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I have a husky who blows his undercoat three to four times a year leaving huge chunks of hair all over my house. It gets so bad that I often have to sweep the carpet two to three times a day! I found that if I take him to the groomers on a regular basis, it really cuts down on the shedding. It doesn't stop it completely, but it rally does make a difference. I think its because they bathe him and pull out all of the loose hair before it has a chance to fall.

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hi i have heard science diet food works but...that would be very expensive to feed them. hope that helps :)

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I use to work for veterinarians. We use to suggest one raw egg a week, which helps. If you go to a groomers they can also do a "hot wax/oil" treatment on the dog, and many people swear by that.
Only use vitamins that you get from a vet. I suggest going to a vet first, there can be medical conditions that contribute to the loss of fur.


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I know what you are going through, I have 2 mastiffs and they are blowing coat talk about frustrated!
These are the months for coat blowing, but I find indoor dogs will shed some year around.
First and foremost, shedding is natural, we all do it, and there will a couple times in the year that your dog will blow his coat and shed more.. you can cut down the unseasonal shedding with diet and proper grooming..

#1 is DIET! Get a premium food rich with Omega fatty acids and protein , if you your dogs are over 60# I find that the Diamond Naturals Large Breed 60+ is wonderful! And it also helps keep joints healthy.. never get a food that has a grain/vegetable as the 1st 2 or 3 ingredients
( you don't see dogs out grazing in fields, they love meat! and they have the teeth for meat tearing).
Also tap water has many chemicals in it.. try getting a couple gallon buckets with lids, fill them up with up water, and let the water sit for about 3 days.. only give your dogs water from the buckets.
This allows the chemicals to dissipate or sink to the bottom. It's not just for skin and coat health, but overall health.. when the 1st bucket is gone, fill it up and wait 3 days while you are using the other bucket, don't use the water on the bottom.
Depending on how much your dogs drink, you may need more buckets. I have heard filtering water is fine as well.
Adding a raw egg white a day(egg yolk cancels out the benefit that is in the egg white) is good for them also.

#2 You can also buy a product called Shed Stop.. works wonderful! but is's a blend of oils that are beneficial for skin and coat and I feel also the joints.
I don't personally use it, it was too pricey for me since my dogs are both over 130#..
I did some research and started using Pala-Tech F.A./Plus Chewable Tablets. You can get these online for cheap, I get them from the vets office I work if you want them right away, call your vet and see if they can order you some. It has worked wonderfully and I will have my dogs on them for the rest of their life!

#3 Grooming! Brush your dog every day, the rake is wonderful and very effective. Only bath 1x a month, less often in the winter. Use a skin nourishing shampoo such as aloe or oatmeal.

#4 optional but has helped my home ALOT.. get a roomba! I got mine off of ebay for around $55 that included shipping.
I was vaccuming my laminate floors 2x a day. Now I run my roomba and only have to vaccum 1 or 2x a week to get in the grooves of my laminate. I personally do not reccomend roomba for thick carpets.. Low pile carpets would be fine, it will get any surface hair off. Make sure the brushes and bin stay clean.

The above steps have helped me great deal, my dogs are no only shedding 80% less, but they have very shiny coats and more energy..

Good Luck..

Diamonds Naturals Dry Dog Food:

Pala-Tech vitamins:

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answers from Cincinnati on

Hi. The 'premium' foods do help considerably (Iams, Eukanuba, Science Diet) and they are not as expensive as some think when you break it down into per feeding cost. They are more nutrient dense, so you feed less per day. I see that you are in Ohio - the crazy Ohio weather these last few weeks can affect them, causing more shedding than normal this time of year. I also have a husky and taking him to a professional groomer periodically really helps. I take him about 3 times a year and try to keep up on brushing in between. He lets me vaccuum him (strange, I know), I don't get the hose to close, but it pulls out some loose chunks and helps. Try it!

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my mom has a black lab and a lab sheppard. very hairy dogs... She takes a brush to each dog two times a day and they are not shedding that bad at all. She gives them baths also. 1-2 times a month (i think). She also has two step children that help with the brushing of the pets. Brush the dogs from tall end towards the head. this will get a lot of the loose fur off. They are both indoor and outdoor pets.

I asked if she feeds them something special or any lotions she said nope. Just brush them daily.

Hopes this helps.

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