My Dog Needs Major Grooming! Where to Take Her?

Updated on January 08, 2013
B.C. asks from Arlington, TX
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I have a golden retriever who is 11 years old. Her fur has always been beautiful but since we moved to our new house, she's looking terrible! She rolls in the mulch, creating matting and she's developed allergies which cause her to bite herself, despite medications (another issue all together!). She looks so bad that I'm embarassed to take her anywhere but it needs to be done! Where can I take her that will be able to deal with the matting? I've tried to handle it myself, but I just can't do it anymore.

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answers from San Francisco on

I agree with taking her to Petsmart or a groomer to have the mats shaved off. Then brush her every day or atleast every few days and after a roll in the mulch to prevent it from happening again. I'd also ask the vet about changing her food if this doesn't work.

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answers from Appleton on

My friend is a groomer for a Petsmart near Joliet Illnois. They get dogs in all the time with matts. Many times the dog owner wants the matts brushed out instead of cut out. She told me the dog will cry and scream in pain and then she wants to cry right with them. It's best to have them cut out, the fur will grow back.

As far as a place to take her most Petsmart, Petco and other pet shops have groomers as do many Veterinarian offices. Just call and make an appointment, explain that she has bad matts, so they allow for enough time. She will get a bath and all groomed and her nails done and be a pretty girl again.

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answers from Dallas on

Talk to your vet, sometimes they know good groomers if they don't have grooming in house.

I'm in Plano and I swear by Classy K-9.... LOVE this place and the staff for our toy poodle. The dogs are not in a kennel all day. You make an appointment like you personally would for your hair and they are done in 1-3 hrs vs sitting in a kennel from 8 am drop off until 4 pm pick up. Much more personable and caring for the dogs. Many dogs are not in kennels at all as they are allowed to socialize ( of course depends in temperment).

They have a location in Frisco as well .

Good luck they are great! I hope you find someone like them!

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answers from Detroit on

Call your vet or ask some friends or co-workers who they've used for grooming and who they would recommend - a professional groomer can do wonders. She may need to have her coat trimmed or shaved down a bit if it's really badly matted, and sometimes a nice oatmeal bath can help with the itchy skin.

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answers from Washington DC on

Since she's older - i would look around for a mobile pet service - where they come to your home with something that looks like a motor home and take care of her there.

If not - PetSmart and PetCo both have grooming services available.

Call your vet and ask for recommendations for a grooming service!!

As to her allergies? My friend gives her New Foundland/Lab mix the Costco equivalent of Zyrtec daily in the Pill Pockets (she buys those off Amazon and it's WAAAYYY cheaper)

Good luck!!!

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answers from Columbia on

It sounds like she needs her fur to be shaved off. Any groomer should be able to do that.

As for her itchies...what kind of kibble is she eating? Try switching to a lamb and rice or chicken and rice kibble.

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answers from Houston on

I had a samoyed for 11 years, and his coat was so fluffy and huge, I bought an andis professional clipper and just shaved it down myself, it wasn't hard, and it got easier with time. I took him once to the groomer, and at $80 a pop, it wasn't happening! I didn't even try to tackle the brushing, I just clipped down to 1 inch all over



answers from New York on

Ask your friends who they use for a dog groomer. Then make an appointment. Love my groomer, but she is in New York! If no one uses a groomer look some up and drop by the shops. Make sure it is clean.
Your dog will,prance around in her new found beauty when she is done. My Springer used to do that. Too funny. Typical women!



answers from Miami on

I absolutely would discuss this with your vet. He or she knows who in the area is good for this kind of thing. I would NOT take your pet to Petsmart to get it done. Not all of the stores train their people well. A woman who is a friend of a friend had a terrible time with them. Her dog couldn't stand to be touched for a week after they finished with them - they damaged his skin the way they brushed him out. They didn't care either how much pain that dog was in and they were awful to the lady.

Good luck finding the right one!



answers from Dallas on

You have plenty info about grooming. My thoughts go to the skin condition. I believe a part if it could be the lack of grooming, that is going to inrritate her skin and make her bite and chew on herself. Another issue is the mulch, what is it made of? I cannot tolerate cedar mulch, so it is very possible that she is allergic to the mulch. Be sure to speak to your vet about that. At the least, it could be a nervous condition related to the move, animals don't always react well to a new home. Good luck!



answers from Columbus on

Call your vet to see if they have a groomer or one they recommend. You can also call a few for prices. I would recommend removing matts, but not shaving. Goldens coats tend to not quite be the same if they ATT shaved and the coat protects from hot and cold. You probably already knew.that. There are special brushes that are made for removing matram and some can be shaved or clipped out depending on.severity. It sounds like you are doing what you can to help her cope with her new environment. Don't be embarrassed by mats it can happen quickly.

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