My Dog Has a Leaking /Discharge

Updated on July 14, 2010
R.M. asks from Adams, TN
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My dog is 13 years old she is a sheapard mix and i noticed the other day when she was in the house laying down,when she got up it looked as if she had peed in the floor it didnt smell like urion ! when i touch her in that area she was wet and it was clear fluid,and it didnt smell like urion either,,,,, any one have an idea or a clue what could be going on w/her.............she has been fixed,,, and she still real active...

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So What Happened?

well when i posted the request here she hasnt leaked scence may be and hopefuly it was a one time thing but i will and have been keeping a close eye on her and marking down every thing thanks so much for yall oppions they help me quit a bit...

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my German Shepard started this when she was barely 3 yrs old. When it started the vet said she did have a UTI and we treated that but the leaking continued. The vet said it was urine leaking and that larger dogs tend to have lazy sphincter muscles (which are the muscles that control urine flow). Her fluid too was clear and didn't smell, until it dried. She was put on a pill. At first twice a day but we were able to cut down to 1 a day after a couple of weeks. As long as we remembered her pill every day she had no leakage. If we missed even once, she leaked. Your dog's been lucky that this problem is only coming with old age. Take her to the vet but this is probably the problem. This lack of muscle control can make them prone to bladder infections and UTIs so she may have one when oyu take her in. As long as the leaking is controlled there's not much risk of infection.



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If it is urine leakage and you don't have good luck with Proin there is also a hormonal drug that can be prescribed. You only give it 2 to 3 times per week and there are few side effects. It is more expensive than Proin, I think.
If it's anal glands it will stink HORRIBLY!



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My dog started doing this and it was urinary incontinence. It was due to old age and is quite common in older female dogs. In most cases it can be controlled with medications, either estrogen or proin, and they are inexpensive. There's a possiblity it could be an onset of diabetes but if she has no other symptoms it sounds like the former. Talk to your vet.



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I would take it to the vet or at least call. That doesn't sound good. I don't know if that could be something to do with old age or menopause in dogs or what. Call if nothing else.



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I would take her to the vet, but it sounds like an infection. You said it didnt smell like urine, but you didnt indicate if it had a smell or not. Some infections have a very sour smell, some have no smell at all, just a clear discharge. Make sure she is getting plenty of water.



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Your dog is loosing the muscle back there and if you take her to a vet or a groomer they can preform annal gland extraction. This should help but you may need to have it done every four weeks or more. The annal glands are not discharging completely. At least this is my experiance with a dog I had years ago. It is very hard to live with and when your dog gets relaxed the full sacks will just start to leak. It use to only cost about $10 to have it done. Good luck, don't let her on the couch!!



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Our Chesapeake Bay Retriever had the same problem. They checked her for UTI (urinary tract infection) but that wasn't the problem. Turns out, in her, it was related to Kidney Disease, and even though that sounds scary, it's somewhat typical in older dogs. You can get it confirmed with blood tests. Then you have to make a choice if you want to treat it (which gets pretty expensive), or just let her live out her life, knowing that she will probably have other issues (e.g., not being able to "hold it in"). This isn't necessarily the kind of news you wanted to hear, so I hope I'm wrong!



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my dog also did this when he got very old. sad to say it was right before he passed call your vet asap



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Hi R.! My dog had the same problem. As they get older sometimes they leak urine. Get her to a vet and they can prescribe Proin. Should cost you about $15 for a couple months supply. If your vet wants to charge you alot of money for the pills, just get a prescription and use 1800Petmeds. There is another online store, but I can't think of the name. Also, the vet will usually tell you you need to give the dog 2-3 pills a day, I have found that once you get started 1 pill a day is sufficient. They do make a chewable. My dog won't eat it. I just pop it down her throat. Good Luck! J.



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My dog (who's getting older) has the same problem from time to time, and as lots of people have already said, it's pretty common in older dogs, especially spayed females. Our vet prescribed something that would help the problem (Proin), but I noticed it said "may cause excitability and restlessness", so I started researching it before I gave it to her. Turns out it was basically adrenalin pills, and I was to give her this every day for the rest of her life to solve this "problem". I wasn't comfortable with that at all, so I just never gave her any. During my research, however, I also discovered that sometimes this problem is exacerbated by grains in the diet. Well, we share table scraps with our dog all the time, and never thought twice about letting her have a bite of bread here or there (or rice, etc.). We quit giving her any kind of grains, and it really helped with the leaking issue. She still has leaking spells from time to time, but they are usually short lived, and they're a lot less common than they used to be. We just clean up after her, and feel ok about not giving her any medication since we know there's nothing to really be concerned about. Hope this helps!



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Just like when an older woman goes through her life change and she needs hormones, so might your dog. Had a similiar problem with our dog. Took her to the vets, he prescribed hormone pills and within a week to 10 days the leaking was gone. Hope this works for you. Good luck!



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my dog is doing the same thing the only difference is that she's not eating and has problem with bowel movements...any answers? (just started this am with the leaking) not eating for a few days now