My Dog Ate a Corncob :(

Updated on July 05, 2010
L.L. asks from Granby, CT
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I am waiting to hear back from the vet. My Golden Retriever swallowed a whole corncob tonight. I feel so bad. They are trying to make him throw it up so it does not get a chance to move down into his intestines, where it will wreak havoc. Someone tell me he will be ok I wouldn't have even thought anything of it (he has eaten weirder things) But a friend of mine lost her dog from just this thing. :(

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So What Happened?

Thanks Everyone! Beau is home, he did throw it up so all is well. He is groggy and thirsty, but should be fine. The vet said we were lucky because it was still whole and could have caused serious problems. Damn Dog! Funny how they drive us crazy, but then something happens and we realize how much we love them. God Bless and Thank you for your concern.

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My 65 lb. 7 yr old boxer ate a FEW corn cobs one evening and was fine. The poop looked like a corn cob, but he was fine. I hope your dog is fine. The friend that lost a dog to this -- was it the same size dog?

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I've never been through this. But my thoughts are with you. I'm so sorry. I love my doggies & they are part of my family. I know this may be extreme, but can they do surgery?

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I hate to tell you but this could be the first of many episodes like this. My brother has had quite a few goldens who have eaten beach towels and rocks - lots of surgeries. My neighbors have a black lab who eats underwear and bathing suits. Again, lots of surgeries and lots of induced vomiting. It's something about retrievers - I don't know why. You cannot leave anything on the floor or in a wastebasket (get the step-on cans with lids) or in a laundry basket. Perfect for families with kids, or pretty much anyone else, huh???



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Glad it all turn out well! I have know a large dog that had to have one surgically removed that a neighbor had given the dog, so the owner had no idea. Great when you can catch it early and the fix is much easier.



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Glad you did the right thing and took him to the vet. Just an FYI. I am a regestered vet. tech and I see this ALL THE TIME. More often than not its a golden and for some strange reason most of the time its a corn cob- we have already surgically removed 4 corn cobs from patients this year. Dont think that just because your pup is a lrg breed dog that he can pass it. Call your vet as soon as you go "... hey wher'd that go..." It is a medical emergency and it could be taken care of without surgery, you just have to address the issue soon after it is ingested. LOL good luck... especially with a golden.
Kidding I do love Goldens- their just like having another child though.



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Yay! Glad to hear this turned out well! My dog once at 4 lobster carcasses at once and proceeded to throw them up all over my was lovely!



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Thanks for posting this. My puppy just did the same thing and because of your question and the answers my hubby just took her to the emergency vet. I hope they get her to throw it up. :( She's only about 30 pounds.


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MY golden did the same thing, one of the kids dropped it on the ground while we were all outside eating. I didn't even KNOW she ate it....until she threw it up, of course! Does your golden get car sick like mine do? Put him in the car and see what happens! I would bring him in first thing in the morning if he doesn't throw it up tonight....thinking about you! Good luck!



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If you don't have pet insurance, sign up RIGHT NOW.



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Praying for your pup.
This may be of comfort: My (completely psychotic) Siberian Husky once ate an entire pair of pantyhose and pooed them out. She also swallowed a white ankle sport sock and threw it up 2 days later.
I hope he's OK. Dogs--gotta love 'em!

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