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Updated on September 15, 2011
K.M. asks from Santa Monica, CA
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My dog name is Lady she is 2 yr old and since I got her from the pound she was easy to house train but, when ever she lays down and gets comfy, she will loose control of her urine she has incontinence, I have had to change so many sheets off my bed and I even tried the homeopathic meds called leaks no more and that only worked 1` or 2 days but she started up again.. I was told about pronin but I need a prescription from a vet. I am a senior and have no income only g.r. can you give me advice on what to do, she has been with me for 2 yr now I got her when she was 10 mos old. she is a chiwowa/ whippett.

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So What Happened?

Well I will have to find a vet or maybe the spca will let me take her in for free since iam a senior, and G.R. is General Relief that is given to adults that dont or cant fins a job, i has been laid off from Verizon Wireless in 2009 and received edd for 2 yr and no company has hired me due to my disability's I have osteoperosis, and joint diesease and degernative disc in my back and unable to sit long or stand,, .. i applied for Disability ssi, and my widows benefits from my husbands ssi but they disapproved me and I am reappling again.. thank you all for the assist...

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answers from Raleigh on

Unfortunately she will probably need a prescription. My mom was dealing with this with her dog. When she got on the meds it stopped completely. If you are unable to afford medical care for her maybe you could find someone who could.

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answers from Dallas on

you need to find a vet that will work with you on payment. first, you need to rule out an infection, then i'd def try the proin. my doberman has taken it for many years, she has NEVER had a true "accident", she is perfectly housetrained, but she leaks urine when she sleeps. the proin has worked great for many years.

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answers from Detroit on

If she is spayed, sometimes they do develop incontinence as a result - it's not that the surgery was not done properly, but rather from lack of hormones that they would normally have if they were not spayed. Medication like Proin can help but she really needs to have a vet exam first and at least a urinalysis to make sure it's not something else. If the Proin helps, she will need to stay on it, most likely for life. I would look into getting her seen at a local SPCA shelter or Humane Society that offers low-cost veterinary services. It can help with the routine stuff too (vaccines, heartworm testing and prevention, spay/neuter, etc.).

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answers from San Francisco on

If you call the SPCA (where you got her) and ask for a vet recommendation, they will be able to tell you a good place to go. A lot of towns have a low-cost veterinary clinic where they have a sliding scale for payments. Seniors often times can take their pets in for a very low cost. Usually the SPCA will have information about this.

It sounds to me like your dog could have a urinary tract infection. It's important that you have this checked out by a vet as soon as possible, before it gets worse. Best of luck to you!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Lady might have a urinary tract infection. It's odd that a 2 year old dog would be incontinent. If she has a UTI, she needs to see a vet for a urine test and antibiotics.
Not sure what g.r. is, but look for a veterinary clinic near you. They probably will accept payments.
Good luck!

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answers from San Diego on

Hello, I can understand that you are bonded with this little dog. I took in my grandson's puppy when he first bought her. She is mine now. We laugh about that. He and his parents have moved in with me, and she is still mine. Anyway, with your problem, have you thought about getting "doggy diapers"? I have never used them on a dog, but I have seen them. If she will wear one at night, it might solve your problem without having to give her medicines. As far as the person who seemed to have a problem with you taking on your pet, I can understand you wanting companionship. There may be places you can go to get assistance for your little friend. Don't give her up unless you have to. It would be painful for both of you. I would try to find a vet who could assist you in the financial part of this.
Good luck with your precious little dog.
K. K.



answers from Orlando on

Please don't take this the wrong way but why would you take on the "financial" responsibility of a living being when you are a senior without financial resources?

Pets are expensive. They require typically, aside from the basic necessities of quality food, clean water, their own bed or mat, properly fitting collar and ID tag, but also annual well-exams along with any necessary vaccinations. Typically a pet's medical costs increase as they age and they actually may become exponentially more expensive into their senior years and age related health issues rear their ugly heads. But there is no guarantee that they won't have health issues when they are younger and that is why a person should have some financial resources to take care of medical needs of their pet.

If you think your pet might become an extreme financial burden for you, consider trying to rehome her now, perhaps with the help of a pet rescue group...while she is still young and more adoptable.

I don't know what g.r. is. Most vets, in my experience, don't do a lot of charity work for private individuals. Maybe call around and see if you can find a quality vet that will give you a "senior" discount.

It sounds to me that she needs to see a vet. Has she ever been for this matter? Her diagnosis could be a variety of things. Maybe she has a uterine infection. What is causing the incontinence?

I know that I wouldn't put my pet on any homeopathic meds without her/him having a medical diagnosis. Attempting to treat the symptom without knowing the cause doesn't seem logical to me and wasting money on ineffective treatments.

A vet visit could cost you $50.00+. But it could end up saving you a plethora of grief and aggravation along with trying to diagnose your pet on your own. Incontinence doesn't seem like a "typical" ailment of a young female. She also could be suffering and in pain. No pet will ever urinate/defecate in their own bedding unless their is a serious issue going on! Get that girl to the vet.

(Incidentally, I did have a dog that I "rescued" that experienced incontinence. The vet said she had an infection and had I not got her in when I did, she would have died.)



answers from Los Angeles on

There could be two alternative problems here. One, dog might have a bladder infection. Two, dog might have elevated blood sugar. I do not know if there is a low cost or free vet in your area, but doggy may need a urinalysis as well as a blood draw.


answers from Houston on

Until you are able to find health care for your pet and get the Prion, you can get puppy pads. Just lay them under her where she is allowed to lay. Don't let her lay on your bed unless you also have a waterproof pad over your mattress. Train her to lay on the puppy pads, you can put a blanket down and the pad on top to make it more comfortable for you. You can get them at PetSmart, PetCo...

These are more expensive, but you get tons of them:

You can also get washable ones here, so you don't have to keep rebuying disposables:

I worked at a vet and she would not do pro-bono service, but she would give senior citizens discounts.



answers from Los Angeles on

Just wanted to throw out one more suggestion, while you are dealing with the incontinence, you can use baby diapers, not dog diapers. I my dog's later years, he became completely incontinent and dealing with this issue can be so expensive. The dog diapers they sell at the pet store are very pricey and they don't work any better than actual baby diapers. Another tip that I learned after a lot of trial and error. Instead of putting the diaper on in the normal fashion, put it on sideways like a wrap. ( So you would only actually use one of the adhesive tabs in securing it in place.) It stays put much better this way and you don't have to worry about it falling off. Hope that helps and you're able to find a long term solution for your dog.


answers from Phoenix on

Hi K.! Don't give up reappealing to get your benefits. Check with your local Legal Aide to see if they can help pro-bono (means no charge), in order to get your benefits.
I think it's a great idea taking your dog into the spca for help. I hope they can find out what is wrong. Sounds like she has a weak bladder. Best wishes to you.



answers from Sacramento on

I'm pretty sure there are doggy diapers out there for dogs with incontinence. I'd take a look at a pet store.



answers from San Diego on

Hi K., sorry for the late reply - Just wondering, does she eat dry food? Reason I am asking is b/c my cat started doing something similar (she is also young) and it turned out that she was majorly dehydrated and had developed cystitis (inflammation of the bladder, causing painful urination; therefore, she only wanted to go where it was 'soft' like my bed, the couch, etc) We switched her to wet food and mixed in even more water with it (like a 'soup') and now she is FINE!!!!! I would STRONGLY urge you to have her urine checked for infection by a vet (that's what we did) but if you absolutely cannot do that, I would try switching to wet food and majorly increasing her water intake by whatever means possible. Good luck!

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