My Dd Wont Eat Bananas Any Other Tips to End Her Diarrhea

Updated on October 23, 2012
E.W. asks from Fresno, CA
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I'm trying to do the BRAT diet but she just won't eat the banana! Let first say she has no fever she's extremely happy (besides the teeth at night) so the diarrhea is the only symptom. Everyone seems to think the bananas are key but she won't eat them so any suggestions? Also I've noticed the milk goes straight through her. I have read that you should discontinue milk for a couple days during diarrhea. I'm wondering if milk is the culprit altogether. So I'm considering purchasing Soy milk to see if I notice a difference. There are no rules about switching a child from cow to soy or anything right? I really appreciate your help. She is 17 months and her molars are coming in.

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answers from New York on

Teeth may cause the diarrea. She may be lactose intolerant. Discontinue milk. Try rice, rice milk, oatmeal, bread, cheerios for the diarrea. As for switching over to soy, introduce it and see how she feels.

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answers from Phoenix on

Absolutely can interchange milks. and for now since she is under the weather there is no problem in stopping milk all together until she's better. For the brat diet you don't need to do all 4 things, just whatever you can. To be more simpler, any fruits or vegetables can make the symptoms worse except for bananas and applesauce. Still with grains and water. Pedialite is just a glorified gatorade. Depending on her age you can simply giver her gatorade, it tastes much better! Under age 2 I dillute half and half with water (I am assumong she is over age 1 since she is drinking milk!)

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answers from Houston on

Rice and you can also consider almond milk, it's delicious. You do need to stop the regular milk for a little bit.

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answers from Norfolk on

Try rice milk.
Maybe you can give her a rice milk banana smoothie.
Sometimes once a gut is irritated it will stay irritated long after the source of initial irritation has resolved itself.
My son had diarrhea that lasted 8 weeks - he was fine except for that (and the inevitable diaper rash that comes with it).
Keeping the fluids up (and electrolytes balanced) is most important - eating, not so much.
She can have all the pedialyte she wants.
Soup broth is good, water is ok, stay away from dairy (the rice milk will be fine), no sugary drinks (no juice).
Introduce soft foods slowly - mashed potatoes, soft boiled eggs (bananas (sneak them in), rice, apple sauce, toast).
Then very gradually work regular foods back in.
It will pass eventually.
It's just tough getting through it.
Use liquid mylanta on her behind at diaper changing time to help neutralize acid and grease her up good to help keep the diaper rash at bay.
You can have her play bare bottomed in a dry bathtub on a towel to give her some diaper free time.

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answers from Chicago on

My son loves rice mixed with apple sauce. You didn't say how old she is, but you could probably even mix it with her rice cereal if she's little.



answers from Fargo on

You don't say how old she is. If she's old enough, cheerios or toast, rice) takes awhile but she'll get it), apples (you can put in the those net bags).



answers from Dallas on

How old is she? Definitely lay off the milk for a few days. I wouldn't get too uptight about the bananas either, especially if this is just going on for a few days. Try giving her popsicles to stay hydrated Try giving her the pediatric ensure kind of version of the pedialyte. Try the pdialyte that you put into a bottle of water. My daughter never was willing to drink pedialyte and doesn't like bananas. Our version of the BRAT diet was rice...she loves brown or white rice, toast, and applesauce. I also allow popsicles and ginger ale during this time too. The most important thing is for them to stay hydrated. Are you also giving your daughter pediatric Culturelle probiotics to help with good bacteria to get her system back to normal?



answers from Appleton on

Try feeding her something with real cinnamon. Applesauce with a some cinnamon sugar, cinnamon toast, even cinnamon toast crunch cereal. I don't know why it works but it works for me in about 20 minutes.



answers from Sacramento on

crackers, rice, rice milk, gatorade...think bland good luck



answers from Kalamazoo on

At that age, blueberries and grapes gave my dd diarrea. I would suggest cutting back.on the fruit and give some pedialite, popsicles and fluids to make sure shes not getting dehydrated. I think the brat diet is more to prevent vomiting. Sometimes kids that age just have looser stools, if she doesnt seem sick otherwise I wouldnt give it too much worry. Cut back on the fruit and see if that helps.



answers from Philadelphia on

Be careful with acidic food and drink also. It makes the diarrhea cause diaper rash :(

Can you mix some bananas in oatmeal? She may like that :)


answers from San Francisco on

I would stay away from soy anything...

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