My Dd's Caregiver Took Grandson to Doc - He Has Herpes1 - Now What?

Updated on November 19, 2007
J.D. asks from Palatine, IL
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My caregiver took her adolescent grandson to the dr. yesterday afternoon. He has a herpes1 infection and stayed with her overnight. She is due to watch my 6-mo old on Friday. As fate would have it, my dd has a cold - her first - but is doing ok overall. I will call my dr. tomorrow and plan to stay home because of this, but what do I need to know for Monday and beyond?

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your advice and patience. If my sweetie did not already have a cold, I wouldn't have been so cautious, but since she is sick, I didn't want to expose her to additional "junk." Having never had a cold sore and hearing about how painful and unpleasant they can be, I wanted to prevent my dd from this experience if possible. The pics of herpes infections in infants on the net are not pretty! Also, we are dealing with a combination of rashes and that makes her cranky.

The teenager has been very sick for a week now, with sores all down his throat. He had a bad experience with this as an infant and according to his doctor is hypersensitive to the virus. Poor thing.

As fate would have it, after I decided to stay home with her on Fri., I awoke in the middle of the night on Thursday unable to breathe - completely congested - she gave ME her cold. :-) Never a dull moment, right?

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I don't know what your concern is? Are you afraid of your child being exposed to Herpes 1? Babies get colds, it is part of building their immune systems, they will be exposed to many things over the course of their young lives and that is sometimes a very good thing. We as a society have freaked out over all the bacterias in the world,we buy antibacterial soaps and cleansers when in actuality, they do more harm than good when used on a regular basis. We have to have some antibodies to help fight off germs. If your only fear is that she might be exposed, then research Herpes 1 and find out if it infectious, I do not believe it will effect your child.

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Herpes I is just a coldsore breakout on the face (vs the Herpes II which is genital). It's not contagious unless you come in contact with the sores. I've had it all my life, and probably got it from getting kissed goodnight by my father as a child when he happened to have had a cold sore. I hate that this has the same name as the STD... it really is not a huge ordeal, just has a cousin with a bad rap. Anyway, I would just ask your caregiver not to touch her face to your daughters-just in case-and be sure that she is washing her hands often.



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You are so lucky to have not ever had to deal with this issue. Every year I get a breakout on my lip. For me, it occurs after a major illness. When I get one, I do not kiss my daughter or my husband. I stay away from kisses and am careful not to infect my daughter. During this time, I give her butterfly kisses. Is this a big deal for you? I think not. This is very common in people and you have nothing to worry about. You sound like a very good Mom.



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Your child won't get any breakouts unless he is a carrier for it already. My grandpa, my dad, myself and one of my son's has it. If your child isn't a carrier being around it won't make him sick. And if your child is, she's bound to have a break out one day.



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Herpes is incredibly common so you may not need to worry. Here is a link to some patient info: . I would ask your doctor so you feel reassured but really it probably isn't anything to worry about.



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You've gotten good advice so far. HSV-I (herpes) is the oral kind that usually manifests itself as cold sores. Typically the only symptom is the sore itself. Unless she has other symptoms, there would probably be no need to panic or stay home.

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