My Daughters Hair Is Not Growing

Updated on May 09, 2008
J.D. asks from Fort Benning, GA
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My 2 year old daughter's hair seems to not be growing at all and I am a little worried about it. Her 8 month old brother pulls her hair quite often and he can pull a handful of it out. Is this something I should be worried about or something I should see her pediatrician about?

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answers from Atlanta on

all of my kids-8,7,5,19mths...did not really start growing hair until they were almost motherlaw is a hairdresser for like 30something yrs and she claims that when washing the hair to massage the scalp which manipulated the folicules of the hair to grow...anyways i did that and it helped but in all honesty the hair still did not come in until they where 19mth of still does not have all the much hair i suspect that he will be like the rest..anyways just my 2cents


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answers from Spartanburg on

First of all you cannot let her brother pull it out! He is big enough to be told "NO" and he will quickly pick that up and do what he is told. He will have to learn the meaning of that word as he grows and becomes more mobile anyhow. Just redirect his energy and say--firmly--"No", babies are smarter than most of us realize. No need to lay a hand on him, except to move his hand away. But don't tolerate him pulling out her hair. That is painful and sends her a horrible message about her importance in the family.

I would not take her to the doctor for this. Wait until you go for a check-up or if she is sick and ask at that time. Sometimes kids don't get hair for a while. My kids are usually bald-ish until about two. (I have 4--12 years down to 11 months) Meanwhile, that "Mane and Tail" shampoo and conditioner with the horses on it...they do sell it on the regular human shampoo aisle, will help. I have really thick and fast growing hair...but I have friends who swear by that stuff for thickening and growing hair.


answers from Atlanta on

My daughter's hair did not start coming in until she was almost three. I do not know about the hair coming out when the brother pulls on it though. I would probably call and talk to a nurse from the pediatrician's office (I can just call and ask questions like that without having to go in).

I would also address the fact that he is pulling her hair enough to pull it out though! OUCH!

Best of luck!!!!
C. Hiebel



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Hi J.,

I found this reference for you:

I don't know if your daughter has any of these other symptoms that the respondents mentioned, but I would take her to the pediatrician to be on the safe side. I like what "Heaven Help Me" responded, "Long story short, go to several doctors. Do not be embarrased to ask specialists for referrals to others in their field or if they have an opinion about whether to go to a different type of specialist. Ask your pediatrician about seeing an allergist and/or dermatologist."

I hope this helps.

Take care,



answers from Athens on

I wouldn't worry. My 1st daughter was bald until she was 3. Then the hair came in and now it's thick and curly. But if it will ease your mind-ask your pediatrician.



answers from Atlanta on

Well, first of all -- OUCH! The 8-month-old needs the clear message that hair pulling is a no-no. He'll get it eventually. Second -- I'm sure your daughter is fine. My daughter took forever to get hair too. As long as she is healthy and getting enough nutrition in her diet, I wouldn't worry about the hair. I see you are a mother of three. I'm guessing you kinda knew that but just wanted to hear from other moms just to be sure...



answers from Savannah on

Don't worry about her hair at 2 years old! I did the same thing when my middle daughter was 2. She didn't get a real head full of hair until she was around 8 or 9. I worried that she would just have very thin hair. Well... she is 24 now and has a beautiful head FULL of gorgeous shirley temple curls. I don't know if your daughter has little whisps of curls but maybe she will end up like my daughter with hair that is the envy of everyone!



answers from Columbia on

My oldest daughter did not have any hair until she turned 3! She's 19 now and has a head full of hair. If it would put you at ease, ask her doctor. It never hurts to ask questions, especially if something is worrisome.



answers from Spartanburg on

I would take her to her dr.just to make sure and to make u feel better but i dont think there is a problem this has happend b/f especially to children who were premies like my niece im a 28 yr old mom with weekend job 3 girls n 3 step sons!!!i know how it is worring!!!all the time

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