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Updated on December 13, 2011
I.A. asks from Schenectady, NY
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I am very concerned about my 1st born - nine month old daughter's weight which is 6.9 kg. She has recurrent flu and cough and has repeatedly been prescribed antibiotics. Please give any suggestions on what to feed her or how to help her gain weight or what to do ... It is really frustrating as the medical check ups are also not fruitful...

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So What Happened?

Thankyou all the thing is she was on mother feed till 6 months of age & i had to stop feeding her and give her formula milk since i'd conceived again (unplanned) ..
I guess that is where the problem began.. the pediatirician says it is nothing to worry about since she is an active child. but for me she is quite weak..
about a month ago she started to have more trouble digesting formula milk and would throw up repeatedly.. and when it comes to healthy solids.. it is war b/w mum and baby :)
i am presently in skardu pakistan which is a very cold region and tough for kids having less body fat.. this triggered my concern even more so as to seek some help regarding her health...
as far as doctors are concerned i've tried many.. some take things non-seriously whereas some advise not to give her medicines anymore.. multi-vitamin drops and iron are the only options acceptable to them & to me ofcourse...
but thanku all for your suggestions ... am grateful !

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answers from Chicago on

Just from my experience try eliminating dairy from her diet. It helped with my daughter, as we found out she has a dairy allergy that was causing sinus, ear, and respiratory infections.

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answers from Milwaukee on

Can you tell us what that is in pounds?

What does the doctor say?

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answers from Honolulu on

Is your Pediatrician concerned about her weight?

Next: are you feeding her breastmilk or Formula, on demand?
A baby, for their 1st year of life, breastmilk or Formula is their PRIMARY source of nutrition. NOT solids and not other liquids. And feed baby on-demand, day and night.
Solids, is NOT as nutritionally dense, as breastmilk or Formula.

9 months is also a growth-spurt period. Intake and feedings increase. Thus, you need to go by baby's cues for hunger.

Next, is your baby latching on properly? (if you are breastfeeding). If not, this can affect their intake and if they are getting enough breastmilk.
Next: if breastfeeding, are you producing enough milk? If not, baby will not be getting adequate intake.
If you are breastfeeding and baby is not nursing properly or you are not producing enough milk, then you should see a Lactation Consultant.

Ultimately, per her weight and if she is getting enough intake, you need to ask your Pediatrician.

OR.... see another Pediatrician and get a 2nd opinion, since you said your current Pediatrician does not help and the check-ups are not fruitful.

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I had to look up the conversion and she is more than 15 pounds. What is wrong with that? What weight do you want her to be? My 2 daughters were 14 lbs and 15 lbs at that age, so it seems perfectly normal to me. Yes they were on the petite side, but healthy and strong.

Now about her recurrent other issues, why don't you go to another doctor for a second opinion? Or try chiropractic and/or homeopathic medicines. I worry about repeated antibiotics more than the weight issue.

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answers from Albuquerque on

That's 15.2 pounds, which is below the 5th percentile for a nine month old. Breast milk or formula are the best source to help her gain weight as they contain more calories per ounce than solid food. If she's always been small, her weight might be just fine. If she's not staying on her growth curve, your pedi should be following up. What does the doctor say?

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answers from Denver on

Well she is about 15 pounds. Not real big but not terrible. Lot's of one year olds weigh just 18-20 pounds and she has some time to gain a little weight. My biggest concern would be with a potential overuse of antibiotics. For flu antibiotics are not given, and cough either unless she has developed bronchitis. Most of these types of things are viral. If you mean flu as in stomach bug, type symptoms she could have food sensitivities/allergies. Also upset stomach can be caused by too many antibiotics which cause the good AND bad bacteria to die off. This is harmful because we have a lot of bacteria in our stomach and intestines to help us digest food. I would suggest warmer clothing, regular hand washing, and probiotics. Probiotics can be purchased at many stores and come in powder liquid, and chewable forms. If you can get her over being ill all the time she will easily gain weight. Hope that helps!

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answers from Shreveport on

Could possibly be reflux?



answers from New York on

About your daughter's recurrent flu and cough, I think a medical doctor's diagnosis of the problem source(s) who has seen your daughter and researched her medical history ought to be more trustworthy. So my response below is more about the weight concern you expressed.

Through our experience, length and weight measurements are not consistently accurate. Moreover, we discovered that even if the pediatrician's measurements were accurate, the clinic didn't always correctly read the World Health Organization growth charts and graphs. Given these two possibilities for error (error in measuring length and weight, error in reading growth charts), we learned to (1) read the World Health Organization growth charts, graphs and notes on measurement ourselves and (2) not take too seriously the pediatrician's reading of which percentile she thought our son belonged.

Girls (Birth to 24 months) Length for age and weight for age

Boys (Birth to 24 months) Length for age and weight for age



answers from Chicago on

If your medical check ups are not fruitful...find another doctor. I have found that you have to be your own advocate with doctors. If you have a doctor that does not want to or is not addressing a concern you have...move one, find another one and don't stop until you have found someone that you connect with you feel confident with.



answers from Houston on

My second has always been tiny in the 3%. She has always been healthy and strong so I have never been concerned. What does she get prescribed the antibiotics for? Can you give us an example of her current diet?

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