My Daughter Is Turning 13 in a Couple Weeks !!

Updated on May 19, 2019
P.S. asks from Ossining, NY
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She wants to go to a fun/happening restaurant in the northern NJ or Manhattan area with 6 friends. Without breaking the bank I'm looking for recommendations. I am holding a table at the Sugar Factory but seems like it will cost a fortune. Any other fun places for 12-13 year olds to have dinner and something fun to talk about??

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answers from New York on

Hi from Brooklyn!

Oh my - Sugar Factory for 12-year-olds?! No way, no way. At night it's basically a nightclub (unless you mean during the day - lunch could work). The amount of chaperone eyes you will need at night there will be off the charts, especially if you have a big group of girls and some will want to "dress sexy".

Let's go for "fun", not "happening". How about Serendipity III on the Upper East Side for sundaes? Or the Melting Pot, there's one in Hoboken? Or afternoon high tea at The Plaza Hotel?

(And yes - Sugar Factory will be a crazy bill, just way too much all around for 12-year-olds.)

Bottom line - avoid the Meatpacking District at night with a group of 12-year-olds. Use that "rule" as a starting point.

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answers from New York on

Get two hotel rooms with a pool. Swim, dinner at Ellen’s Stardust Diner (editors and waitresses sing and dance) Swim again and then they could just hang out and have fun.

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answers from Norfolk on

I've known adults who have birthday parties at Chuck E Cheese.
She's going to want a car in 3 years and college is expensive.
Celebrations are fine but decide on a budget and then the party has to stay within it.
12-13 yr olds know what they want to talk about - boys (if her friends are all girls), music, school, etc
I doubt they will sit there in silence no matter where they are - even in a movie theater.

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