My Daughter Is Standing up to Pee!!!

Updated on June 04, 2013
A.H. asks from Mesa, AZ
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yesterday was not the first time this has happend but she went outside and pulled her pants down and stood there peeing like a boy! My brother and our roomate and her father were all witnesses to this and we scolded her but she thinks its funny. well she ended up with damp pants only a little bit but it looked like a boy was peeing. I don't know how she learned this. I'm guessing day care but is this a normal stage? she acted like it was a game. sometimes I'll catch her doing that in the potty when i'm not in there with her and walk in on her but this was outside and this was the 2nd time she did it outside. the first time was when she was outside playing and did'nt want to come in to go pee and she ran in to tell me she pee'd like a boy! is there anythign I can do to get her to stop? or should I just let her be and treat it like a stage? It's not really hurting me. I think it's kinda funny but the guys in the house don't they think it's gros and they were moree upset over it then I was.

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So What Happened?

Thanx for all the responses. I think it's very funny that she does this. they go to a co-worker's mom's house while i'm at work and there is a neighbor boy she is best friends with and he keeps goign pee outside. she said she learned from daddy but she did this before he came back. I've decided that it's her personality and I'm just goign to leave it alone and watch her closly when in public places like the park to make sure she is not doing this there.LOL Thanx again.

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LOL. I agree with the men folk on this one. It is definitely our responsibility as mothers to make sure our girls learn to be girls. I would definitely be talking to her daycare people though. She should NEVER be witness to men or boys peeing...ever. She is totally in the learning stages of life and I'm sure it will pass, however, I would never condone it and I would keep telling her that it is not what girls do.

I just started to giggle when I saw this because I caught my boys doing that when they were know...peeing for distance or something. I had a hard time getting my boys to not want to stand up to pee when they were first learning. They would pee all over the walls and floors. Ahhh! I just wanted them to sit down and pee until they were tall enough for the toilet. They wanted to be like their Dad and I could not stop them. So, I just cleaned it up and they eventually started making it in the toilet...most of the time. Ha Ha.

I would also suggest trying to put her back in diapers if she does get herself wet. Just tell her that only big girls that do not get pee on themselves can wear big girl panties. They usually don't want to wear diapers and will conform to your wishes. We can all hope anyway!

Well, good luck! Happy parenting!

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I would be careful not to draw too much attention to your daughter as you approach this. If you make too big of a deal out of it, you may end up with an even bigger problem on your hands. I do agree with the other comment on this, but I would use caution.



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LOL I am a seasoned Momma I have 4 kids oldest 15 youngest 3 the two middle ones are boys so I did not go through this with my frist girl but my 3 year old she has seen her brothers in the bath room peeing she has also tried to pee standing up I did not make a big deal out of it I let her know that is not how girls go potty and that we should always sit down to go potty that standing up is only for boys.
I did not stress about it and either did she it happened maybe 2 times and she never did it again.
I think she figured out that its messy and she hates messy.
I did not want to upset her some times freaking out about stuff like that upsets the little ones and they keep repeating the behavior.
Any way that is how it worked for me.
Good luck.



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A., I had never seen a girl pee standing up until I saw my 6 yo granddaughter do it standing in front of the toilet. She has a 3 yo brother and probably started doing this after watching him. They are somewhat competitive at times. She was proud of herself and bragged to me afterwards that she could do it just like Brother. Her stream was very efficient, more so than her brothers. There was no mess.

I have never seen a girl do this but my daughter said that she has and wasn't surprised at all. I think it's a good idea to be able to do this. I wish that I could for use while camping. I suspect the ability is related to the girl's anatomy. i.e. location of urethra (some are more forward than others), the shape and strength of the pelvic area. My grandaughter is tall, slim and athletic.

I see nothing wrong with the way anyone pees as long as all the pee ends up in the toilet. Many boys and men sit to pee just for that reason. Or, as in my grandson's case to be like his big sister.

As to peeing outside. Kids do that for a variety of reasons. Its just a matter of teaching them what is appropriate. It's certainly not aberrant behaviour as I heard one mother say. we learn about places and ways to pee as a part of our curiousity about the world.



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Hi A., sweety it is just a stage just dont make a big deal about it. I would be talking to the preschool though.and just keep telling her big girls don't do those types of things. thats why she gets to wear big girl panties. it is funny but don't make a big deal about it.if she does wet just clean her and go on. I would not be talking about what she did it would be reminding about girlie things. good luck.



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if it makes you feel any better my son has always watched his sissy pee sitting down.. and I can't get him to stand to pee. he wants to sit.. but when he does it goes flying accross the room!! it doesn't point down.. I've had him watch daddy..and even other guys.. but he wants to do it like sissy! ... I give up! haha ;) just keep talking to her about it. maybe give her a sticker for everytime she sits..
our reward sticker charts alway work well. :)



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Well just say that if you stand up to pee again I will ground you and take away all your toys.

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