My Daughter Is Eating Her Boogers

Updated on May 11, 2008
A.P. asks from Jenks, OK
9 answers

I have recently seen my 6 1/2 year old eat her boogers. While I was totally grossed out, I calmy explained to her that this was not a healthy part of her diet and suggested a tissue next time. Well she keeps doing it. I don't want to embarass her, but I'm afraid other kids might (even though they probably do it too)lol. Anyway any suggestions on how to break her of this would be appreciated.

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answers from Dothan on

Most children eat them because they are low in salt.



answers from Little Rock on

My son does this too and I get on his case every time. I HATE IT! My ex-husband (his father) does it too, which absolutely repulsed me when I saw him do it! I was horrified! I only saw him do it once but I am certain he does it regularly and my son has seen him. I would like to think this is a trying it out thing rather than picking up on his father's disgusting habit.




answers from Oklahoma City on

I don't know of any kid that hasn't tried it at least once. When you figure it out let me know. My 8 yr old son prefers his still. My almost 3 yr has been snacking there as well. Ewww.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Sometimes it starts because the child's nose is dry and itchy. Try saline nose drops and humidify his bedroom. Good luck.


answers from Fort Smith on

I agree!! I wouldn't worry about it or make a big deal about it infront of her. She'll stop eventually or when other kids see her doing it and say something! My 4 year old does it every once in awhile, not as much as she used to. When I or someone else makes a b ig deal about it, she just does it more. So, I try to ignore it. Good luck!!



answers from Tulsa on

Hi A.
My 9 yr old son is a picker too and a recovering boogey eater. lol! When he was about 6yrs old I started explaining to him that his nose caught the dust,germs and illnesses before it got into his body. Then I got on the computer and looked up magnified germs. It grossed him out to know exactly what he was choosing to eat. He had a few slip-ups for awhile (nasty little habit) but each time I caught him I calmly reminded him what we learned...Luckily, he quit eating them as far as I know. It's a thought you may like to try. Good luck!



answers from Jonesboro on

My 11 year old son still picks his nose and eats his boogers. I have tried everything it seems. I talk to him, tell him how girls won't like it ect.... He just always replies that he doesn't do it in front of people except us at home. But when I notice him he is always zoned out into something and it's like he doesn't even realize he is doing it. So I am afraid that if he zones out at school he will do it infront of someone. I just keep telling myself that he will grow out of it. This has been my only hope. I would love suggestions too. I keep thinking he will be 12 this year, so how much longer can he continue doing it. Surely not much longer....



answers from Oklahoma City on

I don't know if it is still there or not, but they used to have a giant nose diplayed at the Omniplex - or as it is now called - Oklahoma Museum of Science.
You could walk in the nose and see all the stuff it does and it explained what boogers and snot actually was. And it had explainations about why people should not pick noses and why boogers shouldn't be eaten.

It might be a fun way for her to learn about it.



answers from New Orleans on

I was a preschool teacher for 4 years. This was the one that that really got to me. The minute I would see a child go for the nose I would say tissue and point to the tissue box. Then also make them wash their hands. It would be something that would not call to much attention. No one was embarrassed. If you keep at it she will get the point. Hope this helps.

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