My Daughter Had Green poop...yuk! Should I Be Worried?

Updated on July 22, 2012
J.D. asks from Lindenhurst, NY
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When my three year old daughter went to the bathroom this morning it was green?! That has never happpened before! Does it mean anything? Should I be worried? She feels fine...tia!

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone! We were at a bday party yesterday where she had a toy story themed cake with every color and some fruit salad loaded with blueberries. That must have done it! I feel so much better! Thanks!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Did you go to a birthday party yesterday? My guess in green frosting (just happened to us and scared me to death. Took me 15 minutes to remember the green frosting on the barn yard themed cake).

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answers from Boston on

What did she eat yesterday? Lots of foods can cause this.

Does she have a cold or allergies? Excess mucus (e.g. post nasal drip) can cause this too. Swallowing that junk which isn't digested, and it comes out in the poop.

I'm guessing it's nothing. If it keeps up for more than a few days, give the pediatrician a call but I wouldn't panic or rush in.

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answers from Chicago on

How many blueberries did she eat yesterday? :-)

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answers from Minneapolis on

they say too much Iron and protein causes green hard poopies. Just must be diet, or dye. Blue dyes come out green if they are the ones marked 40 or less anything higher the poop comes out blue. Just think if our poop is that color, wonder what our livers look like?

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answers from Amarillo on

Did you daughter eat anything purple like grape koolaid or a drink of this nature? That can turn poop green because of the dies used.

Otherwise keep any eye on her and call the doctor if it does not clear up.

the other S.

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answers from Austin on

The blue drinks and candy can also do this... blue icing on a cake, things like that....

Amazing how our body tries to metabolize stuff like that!

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answers from Phoenix on

I freaked out once when my son had a bright red poo...until I remebered the Elmo cupcake covered in red sprikles! If not dye, green can also indicate something that was harder to digest, so it could have been any "new" food.



answers from San Francisco on

Like everyone said, what she ate probably colored her poop. Popsicles make for some really colorful ones, my son used to feel the need for me to see each one. Sigh.


answers from Chicago on

Ha! Food changes the color and cosisancy all the time. My son once had radio active green poop! I only know this because he (5) called me in and insisted I come see for myself. It was an "exeperiance." Oh I love my boy!



answers from Detroit on

she most likely ate something with blue or purple dye.

when my kids eat cereal with blue or purple dyes.. they poo green..

strange.. must be from my hubs side of the family cause this never happens to me.



answers from Washington DC on

It may be something she ate. My daughter had green poop and a tinted bottom after eating cupcakes on the 4th of July! If she has no other symptoms then I bet she is fine. Just monitor her.



answers from Topeka on

when to worry if you see blood


answers from Jackson on

It was probably something she ate. We had cake from a store that had a ton of food coloring in it and needless to say, we all had red velvet colored poop!!



answers from Dallas on

Grape kool aid will do it too, its the dye.



answers from Dallas on

Fruit loops, fruity pebbles, etc. can make some pretty fantastical color variations as well :)



answers from Los Angeles on

Hahaha I know that one! My son(2.5) eats every kind of food and many times his poop is different in colors and consistency. I'd say as long as shes in a good mood and not lethargic she's ok..but if you're worried you can always call your health care provider and just ask, I bug them all the time


answers from Hartford on

Different foods and artificial food dyes can cause green poop, but so can being gassy. You have no need to worry unless her poop is white or tar black.



answers from Chattanooga on

I remember eating a cookie monster cake as a kid once... I had bright blue poop! Now THAT was freaky! lol.

I agree that it was most likely something she ate. I would go by her cues, no fever, acting fine, no worries! :)

Watch what she eats today, and if she still has green poop, but didn't eat anything that could turn it that color, then maybe call and ask her pediatrician, just to make sure... but I'm willing to bet her next poop is more normal. :)

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