My Daughter Fell Out of the Tub and Hit Her Head on Ceramic Tile?

Updated on May 29, 2011
A.R. asks from Rocky Face, GA
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My Daughter who is 3.5 years old was taking a bath tonight. I had already washed her and she was just playing in the tub. I was gathering dirty laundry in the bathroom where she was but I had my back to her sorting the clothes. Then she put one leg over the tub and then the other and fell out and hit the back of her head. The tub is about 2.5'' from the ground. She IMMEDIATELY cried (so I thought that was a good thing) and we got her dried off and she showed us where it hurt but then 10 minutes later she said it doesn't hurt anymore, I'm ok. Her pupils are responding normally, I am just REALLY REALLY paranoid because it was ceramic. My husband says she doesn't need to be seen because she has no signs of needing to be seen. PLEASE PLEASE, MOMS, Has this ever happened to any of you Moms? Again, she seems fine, it's just really scary :(

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answers from Chicago on

I would Google signs of a concussion and keep an eye on her.

If she never lost consciousness, isn't vomiting or acting disorientent in any way, I don't think there's too much reason for alarm.

My child fell down the stairs and I was worried too. The peds office said as long as they were conscious the whole time and are acting ok, they're probably fine.

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answers from Madison on

Why don't you call the pediatrician on call and talk with them? They will tell you what to watch for. My son fell once (so I completely understand how scary it can be!), and the pedi/nurse on call told me what to do in detail, but I do not want to give you "instructions" here as I am not a professional and I may not remember something right.

They will probably want you to keep her awake, or wake her up every certain hours to check on her. From what you tell, seems like everything is fine, but better be safe...

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answers from Seattle on

Split the difference. Whenever there is ANY question... I phone the 24/7 nurses line through our hospital. They run down a list with me and it's "treat at home/ make an appt tomorrow/ or bring them to the ER". Along with a handy little list of "if x turns to y" change the plan and bring to the ER or make an appt.

LOVE that 24/7 nurse advice line.

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answers from St. Louis on

Oh my goodness, yeah my kids have done that, heck I have done that in the kitchen after mopping. Other than a lump, nothing.

Just keep an eye on her before bed. If she shows no signs of anything then relax and put her to bed.

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answers from Allentown on

It must be a night for this, my 3.5 year old son fell in the tub tonight too. He has a big lump on his head, but he cried right away and then later said it didn't hurt. I had my 5 yo daughter at the ER a few months ago for falling off a table onto a concrete floor head first. She was fine and they said to watch for vomiting and disorientation. Since she was fine with such a high fall, I was not as worried this time. Just watch her but she should be fine. It is hard to not worry when they get hurt though.

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answers from Chattanooga on

I'm not a nurse, but I would say that you should keep her awake for an hour just to make sure she's acting normally. Since it's close to bed time, sleepiness isn't a strong indication of a concussion... but I would tend to figure she is just fine. Our heads are surprisingly resilient... but monitoring is a good measure just in case. ((hugs)) Try not to worry.

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answers from Sacramento on

I like all the advice you have recieved here.
You can also call your medical insurance and ask the advice nurse.
Again...err on the side of caution and keep checking your daughter every few hours for her responiveness.
Also, when things calm down you can guy two things for the bathroom: a cushy rug for the floor outside the tub and those grippy things for the floor of the tub. Be calm and use all the advice listed below!

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answers from Philadelphia on

If her pupils are not dialated then I would not worry about it. I would tell you to give her some childrens motrin or tylenol. She will be alright but yes,you do the have the right to be scared. My son is almost four and has fallen and gotten hurt many times and every time I also get concerned. Keep an eye on her and keep checking her pupils. If they seem alright in the next hour then you do not need to worry about a conconsion(sp?). God bless. Everything will be alright.

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answers from Las Vegas on

My best friend has a 2 1/2 yr old son and when they were in line in walmart she turned her back for a sec and her son got up and fell out of the cart on the floor (laminate or whatever it is). She FREAKED out! Then she found out the cashier SAW him getting up and about to fall and didn't say a dern thing. Anyways, he ended up being totally fine but it was so scary. The pediatrician just said to keep an eye on him, make sure he doesn't get suddenly sleepy, pupils respond normal, acts the same as he usually does, and the area doesn't appear to have blood under the skin (like internal bleeding or something under the skin).

My daughter fell out of the bed when she was a few months old because she learned how to roll and roll and roll, seeing as how I put her in the middle of a king bed with pillows around her. She hit a carpeted floor and I rushed her to the ER freaking out. They said she was fine. It's just scary when kids get hurt like that.

I agree with ML B. Get a grip mat for the tub, remember to wash it... if ya don't sometimes they build up soap or whatever and get slippery.

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answers from Phoenix on

My daughter fell last year and was knocked unconscious. Took her to the ER and said she was fine. If you are concerned, I would suggest waking her up every couple of hours. That is what they had me do througout the night. I would just wake her up, check to she is she responded then she would fall back asleep.

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answers from Youngstown on

Well she is probably fine. One time when my oldest son was about 2 we were swimming at my husbands uncles house. We were all done went into the pool house to change. I went into the bathroom and I hear the loudest thunk in the world.Then crying hysterically. I come out and my husband is holding our baby almost in tears. Our son slipped on the tile that was wet from our feet. He was shook up but fine. No concussion and no bump. It's scary for sure,I still remember the sound. :(

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