My Crazy Fridge

Updated on August 19, 2010
J.B. asks from Marrero, LA
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Hey Moms,
I have a whirlpool double door fridge, the kind where one whole side is the fridge and the other whole side is the freezer. There are a couple things about this fridge that seem weird to me. One, the metal part in the middle that divides the fridge is sometimes really hot. Like the first time I brushed my arm across it, it actually burned a bit! So I just make sure I don't touch it these days. Second, periodically the fridge makes this crazy whirring noise, and it is loud! Like kind of sounds like a car that is idling, maybe not quite that loud. It just happens at random. Then it quits and all is well. We have had this fridge about 3 years. We bought it from someone who was selling all the stuff of a recently deceased relative and it was practically new. I really don't know where in the world the receipt is honestly, so I am hopeful it is just like defrosting or something. Any ideas??? Thanks!

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answers from San Antonio on

I had a magtag that did this. It wasnt broke just seemed like the middle was where all the electric stuff was & I noticed after the 1st time it never was cool. As far as the noise, does it have a water outlet or ice. I know mine made funky noises when it was filtering water or making ice. 1st few times it scarred me I thought my new fridge was broken. However, if these have just started I saw call the repair man.

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answers from San Antonio on

If you have a home warranty then call your home warranty company. If not, then call a fridge repair person. If its something electrical then you don't want to take any chances in your home.



answers from Houston on

My GE did the same thing after being only about 6 months old. After 3 different trips out from various companies, we found out that the whole mother board needed to be replaced. Since that has been replaced we have not had any other problems. I am not sure what part of Houston that you are in, but we used the A-1 Appliance in Humble and they are the ones who finally figured it out.



answers from College Station on

I would call a service man and have it checked out. It is not normal to get a burn from the fridge. It sounds like it is overheating. Good luck.




answers from San Francisco on

I would call someone to ask about the hot metal and the noise--especially if it actually did burn your skin. I would be concerned about an overheated motor/fire hazard.



answers from Austin on

Many major appliance makers have lots of information online about their products, including owners manuals for the various models with FAQs and trouble-shooting tips. Check that first. You may very well still need to call a repairman, but you'll at least be better prepared.



answers from State College on

For the noise if it has an ice maker, is it possible that could be it? I knows ours is noisy sometimes when the tray is filling. You may want to call the company and just ask them and see if they have any advice.



answers from San Antonio on

It should not be getting hot in the middle. It sounds like you have a problem that needs to be checked out. We had a smiliar problem, but it was getting hot on the top. We had to have someone come and work on it(it was less than 2 years old).

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